Dancing With the Stars Season 21 – Season Finale Night 1 – Who Was Eliminated? Who Are the Final Three?

By on November 23, 2015

'dwts week 8 nov 2, 2015'

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Nick Carter & Sharna Burgess

  • Dance: Jive and working with Julianne Hough- their chemistry is amazing and they just seem to be having fun. He is just trying to make up for messing up last week.
  • Judges Comments: Carrie Ann: he was on fire, extremely content filled and Sharna was amazing, his best performance of the season; Julianne: speechless, did everything so well; Bruno: nailed the kicks and flicks and never went wrong, like Elvis and Ann-Margret in “Viva Las Vegas.”
  • Scores: 30/30

Freestyles: In the second round – the couples take on a freestyle dance featuring special effects, additional dancers and unexpected surprises so here we go with that.

Carlos and Whitney: hip-hop/salsa to a Missy Elliott song, he does not want to outdo themselves and she has to realize that this is a culmination of their relationship all these weeks- they ask the producers if they could bring back former contestants from this season to dance with them so they bring back Hayes, Paula and Alexa so he finally gets to dance with his wife. They are incredible. It is like watching pros dance at a half-time show. Judges: Julianne: Carlos has been such a stand-up guy the entire season and bringing in former dancers was a great idea; Bruno: fresh, right on track and tight and loved how he shared his big moment with other contestants; Carrie Ann: loves Carlos’ heart and the fact that he used his support system, freshest freestyle she has ever seen. Scores: 30/30. TOTAL: 60/60

Alek and Lindsay: want their dance to have an obstacle course and he wants to show how much she has shown him and how she has helped make him a dancer. They really have triumphed, in my opinion and I think that they did a great job; this was the first freestyle that Lindsay has ever done on this show. Judges: Bruno: loves the faith that Alek has and loved Lindsay’s choreography; Carrie Ann: she created a great impact, this dance will stick with people forever, victory from beginning to the end; Julianne: was very risky but this was an obstacle that Alek overcame, both physically and emotionally powerful. Scores: 30/30. TOTAL: 57/60

Bindi and Derek: dance is inspired by her dad, Steve and the strength and love that he had; it is time to revisit her father’s passing and show that her dad is watching over her. He tells her that she is his favorite person and she has made the show feel new again. They dance to “Footprints in the Sand” and it is such a switch from the other dances because it is so peaceful, flowy and beautiful. You can see that they are dancing for Bindi’s father and that is what makes it so incredible. They end with a photo of Bindi and her late father and it was a surprise from Derek. Carrie Ann: brilliant and a dancer’s freestyle, thanks her parents for creating her, grateful for Bindi; Julianne: best finale they have ever had and it brought her to tears, Bindi takes them all on the journey with her; Bruno: showed the power of dance, danced from the heart. Scores: 30/30. TOTAL: 60/60

Nick and Sharna: they are using a BSB song “Larger Than Life” because Nick knows that this could be his last dance. He wants as many dancers who want to join to dance and make it huge while Sharna wants to make it a little bit dangerous and wants to win this for Nick. He is really smart because by using this song, it will bring all us fans back to the time when they danced and performed the song. I am a teenager again. I do not know how I feel about this dance; I am not stunned or overly excited about it. Julianne: so tight and far beyond and he nailed everything; Bruno: been an amazing night for him and made him want to fan out, everyone has been amazing; Carrie Ann: pushed him so hard the whole season and he did a great finale and they see how far he truly has come. Scores: 30/30. TOTAL: 60/60

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  1. Mandi Nowitz

    November 24, 2015 at 6:32 pm

    Agreed! I was shocked that Carlos went home but Bindi is really amazing and so is Nick as well as Alek. The choreography has been top notch! Thanks for watching and reading!

  2. Cornelia Chinske

    November 24, 2015 at 12:12 am

    All comments are in my tweets tonight at this site

    We were blessed this year with a fantastic season of Dancing With The Stars
    The best ever 2015

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