Jamie Foxx Slams Door On Stalker

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Jamie Foxx

A man who forced his way into Jamie Foxx’s hotel room last week was arrested on suspicion of stalking and other charges.

On March 22, the stalker barged into Jamie’s Philadelphia hotel suite after posing as one of Beyonce’s producers, according to TMZ.   After realizing he didn’t know the man, Foxx reportedly managed to keep him from fully entering the room and slammed the door.

The stalker then showed up to the set of Foxx’s new movie, Law Abiding Citizen, when security stopped him and the police were called.   He was then taken into police custody.

Although Foxx couldn’t discuss the altercation due to legality concerns, he said,

“I’m good now,” He added: “Sometimes you have to make sure every move you make in life is the right thing, and that you have people there to watch your back.”

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