Sienna Miller and New Boyfriend Relax in Spain (Photos)|Sienna Miller Photos

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Sienna Miller was seen relaxing after her grueling press tour of GI Joe in Ibiza, Spain with some friends and her new boyfriend, George Barker.

Miller and Barker haven’t been dating very long but are rumored to be quite enamored with each other.  Sienna and her sister were in Spain for their step-mother’s 50th birthday party.  Sienna introduced George to her family during their visit.

Miller looks gorgeous as always!!  More photos after the jump!!

One Response to Sienna Miller and New Boyfriend Relax in Spain (Photos)|Sienna Miller Photos

  1. sunseeker says:

    What a lot of rubbish they have only known each other for a month, she has been touring for that amount of time. This is a PR’s stunt to keep the limelight of the Getty affair. When Getty files for divorce this guy will be history, just like Rhys Ifan’s and will be dumped by text. Unless of course he is getting paid. By the time she hits NYC for her play she will say ” it was never that serious.

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