Cougar Town Re-Cap, 9/30/09

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Cougar Town’s second episode of the season deals with Jules (Courtney Cox) regrets about not living it up when she was in her 20′s.

The episode starts with the whole neighborhood being up at 6 AM. Jules is up because she has to get her date from the night before out of the house before anyone sees him, her neighbor Ellie is up because “her stupid baby” (her words) woke her up, Courtney’s ex-husband Bobby stops over because he has an early golf lesson and son Travis is up to study.

Before you know it the adults are sharing war stories from their 20′s when 5 o’clock in the morning was the time they were walking in the door from partying. Courtney realizes that she doesn’t have a war story from her 20′s since she had a baby by the time she was 22.

Jules tries to re-live her 20′s by going out with her co-worker, Laurie to Grayson’s restaurant. Jules invites Ellie who stays for a bit before leaving to go home to a glass of wine. Laurie encourages Jules to drink and drink and drink before being carried out of the bar, going to the beach and waking up in the guest room of a house that she is selling. Jules pays for her “fun” night with a huge hangover.

When Laurie invites Jules out the next night, Ellie tells Jules that she is too old for “this crap” and she is acting pathetic. Jules and Ellie are experiencing growing pains in their friendship because of Jules new lifestyle. Something they quickly get over and move on – together.

There are definitely some funny lines in the show – Jules sees her neighbor, Grayson, while getting the morning papers and tells him that she has been up for hours. He responds by saying, “I had eggs for breakfast”. Jules seems confused – when Grayson clarifies his response by saying, “I thought we were sharing incredibly boring facts about ourselves.” Jules is looking for a friendship from Grayson since he is also recently divorced – unfortunately he has no interest at first but later waits for Jules to get her morning paper so he could tease her.

It’s funny watching a 40 something woman relive her “lost years”. Cougar Town is real life but an exaggerated version.

I’ll be tuning in to see some more of Jules antics – what about you??

2 Responses to Cougar Town Re-Cap, 9/30/09

  1. Shari says:

    I know a lot of people who did the same thing – as far as the partying – just not to the same extent. I’m sure there are varying degrees to everything.

    Thanks for the response Barb.

  2. Barb says:

    Why do you keep saying this is exaggerated? I know a lot of people that went through a divorce and went into a partying and dating frenzy. I don’t think it is as far fetched as you keep saying every week.

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