DWTS, Season 9, Week 7 – 11/2/09

By on November 2, 2009


It’s the seventh week for Dancing With the Stars and we have seven couples remaining.  On this week’s DWTS we have another double elimination. With only seven couples remaining, no one is safe!!

Michael Irvin and Anna

Dance: Foxtrot

Anna encourages Michael to use his touchdown dance and think of it as Broadway.  He dances with the world’s biggest smile and he’s perfectly enjoyable, but his moves are still stiff and wooden

Judges Comments:   Bruno saw an improvement. Carrie said that their performance was fluid and dynamic.

Score: 23

Donny Osmond and Kym

Dance: Quickstep

Anna helped Donny to work on his posture by having him practice with a posture bar.

Judges Comments:  Bruno said as a performer Donny is solid as a rock but there were a lot of errors, Carrie Ann said that Donny was light on his feet and she pointed out his errors and Len said it was a full on quickstep but there were mistakes.

Scores: 24

Mark Dacascos and Anna

Dance:  Samba

Mark tapes Iron Chef America and when he’s finished taping Lacey is sick.  Tony Dovolani shows up to teach him some choreography.   When he flies back to L.A., he meets his new partner, Anna, and she gives him all new choreography.   The dance is funky and sexy, but there is NO chemistry. This dance needed chemistry, and they had none of it.

Judges Comments:  Carrie Ann said it was a mess, completely disjointed and no flow.  Len said that it wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t Mark’s best dance.  Bruno did not like it.

Scores:  19

Mya and Dmitry Chaplin

Dance: Foxtrot

Dmitry brings in Cloris Leachman because she’s old enough to remember when the Foxtrot was first created.

Judges Comments:  Len says there were too many gimmicks.  Bruno said Mya danced like an angel.  Carrie Ann said that Len was officially smoking crack – and that the dance was dynamic and the footwork was beautiful.

Scores: 25

Aaron Carter and Karina

Dance:  Jive

To rehearse, Karina has Aaron do a bunch of athletic sports drills to improve his footwork.

Judges Comments:  Bruno said that Aaron kicked ass!!  Carrie Ann said it was so good and Len said the dance had enough energy to light up Hollywood.

Scores: 29

Len gave them a 10.  Wow!!

Kelly Osbourne and Louie

Dance:  Salsa

Kelly is not enjoying herself.  Louie takes on the role of  task master to get them out of the bottom – resulting in Kelly breaking into tears.

Judges Comments:  Carrie Ann said they did a great job, there was a new elegance.  Bruno danced on the judges table in excitement.

Scores:  24

Joanna Krupa and Derek Hough

Dance: Rumba

The Rumba is all about sex. Derek is goofy when he tries to romance her, but he has a fantasy where they have a day on the beach.   Derek ends up waking up when Joanna calls his name and interrupts him making out with his own reflection in the mirror.

The dance itself is slow and sexy and beautiful. The only problem is that Joanna trips ever-so-slightly in her costume near the end, but other than that, it was perfect.

Comments:  Len said well done, Bruno called Joanna a love goddess and Carrie Ann loves watching them.

Scores:  27

Team Paso Doble

Mya and Dmitry, Aaron and Karina, Mark and Anna T., Michael and Anna D.

Rehearsal is as chaotic as you’d expect with too many chefs in the kitchen, but the calm and reasonable voice of Michael Irvin help cooler heads prevail.   Tuio

The last-minute Lacey-Anna switch throws everyone a bit off.

The team part is okay.  Michael Irvin definitely stands out like a sore thumb.  He is stiff and looks like he is struggling.

Judges Scores: 24

The judges score is added to the couples individual score.

Team Tango

Joanna and Derek, Donny and Kym, Kelly and Louis

The pros choreograph a fun routine based on all the ladies wanting Donny.

Judges Scores:  28

At the top of the leader board is Joanna and Derek with 55 and at the bottom is Mark and Anna with 43.

I am betting that the final two for Season 9 end up being Mya and Aaron.  Who do you think will be the final two??


  1. Mauricio Paske

    March 3, 2010 at 2:26 am

    sooo fake, Mauricio Paske

  2. Penny

    November 3, 2009 at 4:35 pm

    I think Mya is not being rated fairly by Len. If he continues to rate her low, she will not make it to the finals. I think Mya is by far one of the best on the show. Donny and Kelly are nice, but they are not of the dancing caliber that this show is about!!!

  3. Chris

    November 2, 2009 at 10:25 pm

    Joanna & Derek 55
    Aaron & Karina 53
    Kelly and Louie 52
    Donny & Kym 52
    Mya and Dmitry 49
    Michael & Anna 47
    Mark & Anna 43

    …score inflation, much?

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