The Jonas Brothers Spend Thanksgiving in Paris

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Just because it’s Thanksgiving doesn’t mean everyone can take off and enjoy the holiday. 

Working through the holidays, the Jonas Brothers were busy tending to press duties in Paris, France on Thanksgiving morning (November 26).

The Jonas Brothers were driven from the Hyatt Hotel to the French radio station NRJ, Nick, Joe and Kevin all hopped out of their van to the warm welcome of a huge crowd of fans.   The Jonas Brothers smiled as they posed for pictures and signed autographs for their fans.

Meanwhile, the Jonas Brothers happened to run into another singer, Justin Bieber, while in Paris. Ironically Bieber had been on tour with Taylor Swift, Joe’s famous ex.

Bieber twittered,

“Randomly ran into the Jonas Brothers at the airport. First time meeting each other. They seem like really great guys.”

More photos after the jump!!

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