Desperate Housewives ReCap 1/17/2009

By on January 18, 2010


Tom and Lynette have dinner with neighbors, Bob and Lee who are in couples counseling.   Tom loves the idea, Lynette not so much.  Tom decides to go without Lynette and is even keeping a “feelings” journal.   He won’t let Lynette read it, but says she should join him in therapy.  Lynette pays a visit to the doctor and ends up admitting that she likes to be in control and when she’s not, she gets mad.   Lynette decides therapy might be a good thing for her too.

 Angie doesn’t approve of Danny’s new girlfriend, Ana.  No carbs, no college – what else can be wrong with her?  Angie listens to Lee’s advice and is nice to her anyway.  Ana isn’t fooled but does tell Angie she will not hurt Danny.

Katherine isn’t happy to see Karen at the hospital and tells her she has no plans to return home.   She doesn’t think anyone will be able to forgive her for everything she has done.  Karen brings Bree, Gaby and Lynette with her to pay a visit.  Susan shows up and gives Katherine a hug.  All is well on Wisteria Lane.

Orson is still being difficult and demanding where Bree is concerned and refuses to bath.  She finally tells him to at least say please before she gives him his breakfast.   He refuses, so she puts his waffles on a shelf he can’t reach.   When the physical therapist arrives, he pretends to be starving and abused.   The therapist tells Bree to be more patient and if not, she’ll have to report her.  And to give Orson a bath. When Orson still refuses to say please, she gives him a shower outside with the garden hose, until he begs her to stop.   He admits it’s hard to ask for help.   She apologizes and asks for forgiveness.

When Juanita gets into a new school, Gaby pays a visit and finds out that Juanita has been placed with the “leopard” group.  Gaby wants to know if the “leopard” group is advanced but no one will tell her.  Gaby takes photos of three children’s homework and decides that Juanita is in advanced.  Susan’s son is also in the school but he is a “giraffe”.  Gaby shares the fact that a giraffe is below average with Susan, who is now out of her mind with worry.  After all no one wants a child who isn’t a genious.   Word gets around the school that the “code” has been cracked and they both are sent to the principals office.

What did you think of tonight’s episode??  Not as dramatic as usual but still good.

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