Project Runway Recap 2/11/10- “Picture Perfect”

By on February 12, 2010

Heidi Klum

Who can resist Anthony? Apparently this week, not the judges; they voted him the winner of this week’s challenge! His optimism and flamboyance has finally enabled him to transcend the realm of costume and, as Michael Kors points out, “enter modern times”. The one shouldered, bright turquoise dress he made was a perfect balance of texture and form fitting flattery.

The mood in the workroom this week was especially intense, with the only sound being Seth Aaron’s obnoxious babbling. And with good reason, since the challenge this week was to create a “picture perfect look”, one so perfect that it is chosen for the April cover of Marie Claire magazine. The model: Heidi Klum herself.

Although designers in previous seasons were required to create looks for Heidi (the most memorable until now being a maternity look), this challenge in particular is declared the largest since it needs to make Marie Claire stand out against all the other Magazine on the newsstand. Ergo, the competition that ensues on the runway is none other than a bloodbath.
There are several other designs that rival Anthony’s, most notably Ben’s vibrant, kimono-esque dress with a peekaboo back. The inspiration behind Ben’s look, “madame butterfly in technicolor”, is a very interesting one; is it a nod to Tim Burton’s psychedelic new version of the movie “Alice in Wonderland”? Emilio’s ability to create a structured dress out of magenta, knit jersey fabric lands him in the top three as well. Landing in the bottom three are Mila, with a dress the color of a bandaid that exudes anything but confidence; Jeanine, whose look looked as though it belonged in a teen magazine rather than a high-fashion publication; and Anna, who’s look consisting of separates would have only hid Heidi’s fantastic figure.

Although Anna takes a risk by attempting to create a three piece look for the first time, it is she who gets eliminated. Anthony’s attitude is that when someone ends up in the bottom three, the only way that person can go is up; let’s hope he keeps moving up, since this week’s reward was so great that the winner wasn’t granted immunity
Be sure to watch next week, when the designers are asked to create designs for even more youthful models!

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