The Office Recap 2/11/10

By on February 12, 2010


‘The Office’ opens with Michael calling Vancouver about a reservation he made for the Olympics three years ago. He decides not to take the trip, so he cancels it, but of course there is a fee, so he ends up paying for nothing. This is the Michael Scott we know and love ladies and gentlemen.

Kathy Bates guest stars as Jo Bennett the new CEO of Dunder Mifflin. She enters the office with two huge great danes who dart straight for Andy. “They love a good crotch,” says Bennett.

She calls a conference meeting and hands out the Sabre handbook, which is also her biography. She tells the camera about her pilot’s license, and ties to Truman Capote, in her first confessional.

Afterwards Andy decides to hand out his Valentine’s Day cards, which he bought for everyone. His plan is to give an extra special one to Erin. The card he gives her is nice, but Erin isn’t very impressed.

The new boss, after meeting Michael and Jim, the “co-managers” decides that it’s time to stop having two men doing the same job. At first both want to keep the manager position, and try to impress Bennett into selecting them for it. She lets them work it out themselves, and after Jim and Pam discover that he could make more money on commission as a salesman, Jim gives in. But before things go official, Michael also finds out that he could make more money as a salesman, and they both try to convince Bennett that the other should be manager.

Kelly in the annex receives Andy’s card. She is immediately swept off her feet by the beautiful things Andy wrote. Unfortunately for Kelly, it was meant for Erin, but neither Erin nor Kelly knows that.

Dwight and Ryan meet up and discuss how they can take down Jim. They have been meeting like this repeatedly since Jim was named “co-manager.” When Ryan is late for the meeting Dwight quips that he wishes he “had a lair to go to.” After the meeting the two decide to go to the new IT guy Nick, and hack into Jim’s computer to get info. But he doesn’t help them much, unable to provide Jim’s password.

Michael is having a hard time adjusting to his new desk, which is now too small for all his toys. His sales antics are a bit outdated with Dwight observing to him, “it’s not 1992 anymore.” Michael also can’t adjust to a certain smell coming from Phyllis, and he realizes he doesn’t like it so much out here.

In the meantime, Kelly tells Erin about the card, and Erin is disappointed, because she thought Andy liked her. This leads to an awkward moment when Andy is by the copier with Kelly. She kisses him on the cheek and he realizes his mistake with a little help from Meredith.

Michael speaks to Jim, and they decide that they will switch back jobs. The new boss allows it, and Michael gets reacquainted with his old digs. Andy takes the time to send an email to everyone except Erin telling them that him giving them a card didn’t mean he ‘liked them’, obviously directed at Kelly. Kelly of course, in her dramatic ways is devastated, but Erin is very chipper once she realizes that the card was meant for her.

The episode ends with Dwight giving Jim one of his usual speeches. Jim then decides to dunk his tie into the cup of coffee he has in his hand. Dwight is unamused as Pam and Jim smile. Things are truly back to normal now.

The next episode of the Office, “The Delivery” will air on March 4, 2010 and is an hour-long episode. Harold Ramis, who directed “Beach Games” and “Safety Training,” and Seth Gordon, will direct the episode, which will feature the birth of Jim and Pam’s baby.

Pam Beesly’s contractions begin but she and Jim are determined to wait it out as long as they can so that they can have more time at the hospital. Meanwhile, the rest of the office tries to distract Pam with food and entertainment. Later, Michael anxiously waits for Pam’s baby to be born. Back at the office, Andy becomes jealous after Erin has lunch with Kevin Malone.

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  1. qlad

    November 12, 2010 at 11:29 pm

    It’s not that Andy gave Kelly the card he meant to give
    Erin where he’d lovey stuff inside. It was
    that he didn’t read any of the cards he’d bought and given
    out to everyone else (because why should he care?) and the
    card he just happened to grab for Kelly was a really lovey

    He purposely picked out the snoopy and woodstock card for
    Erin but it wasn’t as sentimental as he’d intended.

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