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By on March 16, 2010

There were a couple of questions that I emailed to DeAnna after our interview. Below you will find DeAnna’s additional answers.

Question: Can you elaborate at all on why you and Jesse don’t speak??

DeAnna: Jesse & I don’t speak at all. The relationship did not end well or on a nice note, for that matter. There is a lot of pain & anger there from things that were done & said…which can include a youtube video at the least. There are certain things that I believe should stay between 2 people & clearly Jesse did not feel the same way. We obviously didn’t see eye to eye…..I think at least that part is pretty obvious. I fell in love with the Jesse I met on a reality show. When the camera’s stopped rolling, I met a Jesse that I realized I could not share the rest of my life with. We had problems & the relationship was so stressed & a lot of unhappiness. I am way better off now & hopefully he is too. We simply could not make our reality show relationship work.

Question: Did you feel uncomfortable at the wedding seeing Jesse?

Deanna:I was not uncomfortable at all at Jason & Molly’s wedding. I avoided Jesse the best I could, after all…the day was about Jason & Molly & the beautiful life they were starting together.

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For all the fans missing the drama of ‘The Bachelor’ – you no longer have to wait. Tonight on 20/20 we get a behind the scenes look at ‘The Bachelor’. Before that you can read our exclusive interview with a former insider, The Bachelorette, DeAnna Pappas . DeAnna spoke with Have U Heard and filled us in on the latest news, what she is busy with, her new boyfriend and much more!!

Question: Are you still working on the television show, ‘Get Married’?

DeAnna: There were a lot of budget cuts, they switched to a different network and are only on one day a week so we made a mutual decision to part ways.

Q: Where are you living now?

DeAnna: I am living in LA and I still have my house in Georgia and I travel back and forth. Since I have been seeing Steven (Stagliano), I am spending more and more time in LA.

Q: How did you meet Steven?

DeAnna: His brother, Michael (who was one of the final four on Jillian’s season of ‘The Bachelorette’) was dating my friend and thought enough of me to introduce me to his twin brother, Steven.

Q: What did you think of Jake choosing Vienna??

DeAnna: I kind of knew all along that he was going to choose her. You hear all the rumors with the show and all of the leaks and everything else so I knew it was going to be her, so I’ve been preparing myself for a few weeks.  (Keep reading to see what DeAnna has to say to Ali) I think it’s clear to see that he looks more comfortable with Vienna then Tenley. He looked most comfortable with Ali. But then Ali left. I’m really shocked too with her (Vienna) being the final girl – the editing was very bad and usually the final girl they edit her really well.

Q: What did you think about Ali leaving ‘The Bachelor’ for her job?

DeAnna: I’m sick of seeing that being replayed – in Jillian’s season, Jake’s season – it just seems like a pattern and if they’re going to have someone leave for dramatic effect then let’s make up a new reason. Honestly, that’s the way I feel about it.

Q: If given the choice between your career and love what would you do?

DeAnna: I think it would depend on if I was truly in love or not. I think that’s probably how it was for Ali. I think she cared for Jake alot but he couldn’t promise that she would be the one in the end. You have to think about yourself and your life and your own job. She probably went through the struggles in her own head. Whether it was going somewhere. Maybe she was already offered The Bachelorette position who knows.

Q: What do you think about Ali as the next Bachelorette?

DeAnna: I love the idea. I think she’s a lot of fun. I think she’s very upbeat, funny, very outgoing. Very opinionated which of course, I love. I think she is going to make a great Bachelorette. It’s going to be a great, entertaining season to watch.

Q: Do you have any advice for Ali?

DeAnna: She needs to stay true to herself and listen to herself and follow her heart. It’s kind of hard in this situation you have 25 guys that you wouldn’t normally meet in a normal life setting. Then you have producers and executive producers and other people trying to gear you in a certain way. I just hope that she can follow her heart and listen to herself and do what she wants to do.

Q: Are you speaking from experience on that?

DeAnna: Yeah, of course. Everything I say, I am speaking from experience.

Q: Do you think the producers influenced your decision?

DeAnna: Looking back I definitely think because I trusted them – yeah.

Q: Do you have any contact with Jesse?

DeAnna: No, none at all. Never.

Q: Did you go to Jason’s wedding?

DeAnna: Yes. (When we spoke it was prior to the wedding, so DeAnna couldn’t speak about the wedding).

Q: Was Jesse at the wedding? and did you speak to him?

DeAnna: He was at the wedding but we didn’t speak.

Q: What do you think about how Vienna was treated by the tabloids?

DeAnna: Whatever sells, the more drama the better. I feel bad for her, they’ve been ripping her apart for weeks. Is there any truth to what is being written in the magazines?? I don’t know. I think that’s for Vienna to tell and for us to trust her word. Speaking from my own experience the magazines don’t always speak the truth. They get whatever they can from people who are willing to speak to them and whatever sells.

Q: Do you look back and wish you made different decisions?

DeAnna: Of course, in hindsight with everything I know, I wish I made different decisions of course.

Q: What’s next for you? Would you sell Real Estate again?

DeAnna: I would do Real Estate again. As soon as the market picks up. I would also love to continue to do more television and more hosting. It was something I came to love.

Q: Is Brad Womack married?

DeAnna: He’s definitely not married. Still single.

Q: Do you think Steven is the one?

DeAnna: I do. We have a wonderful relationship, we have a wonderful understanding. He makes me happy. He’s with me because of me. He’s not with me because of fame or money or the bachelorette or anything. He’s with me because of who I am. It makes such a difference in the relationship.

Q: Do you believe people go on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette for the fame?

DeAnna: I believe that some people, not all, some people do have an alterior motive when they go on the show.

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