Don’t Tell Russell Crowe He Sounds Like He Has An Irish Accent in Robin Hood

By on May 14, 2010

Russell Crowe does not want to hear that he sounds like he has an Irish accent in Robin Hood.   It seems that Crowe’s anger still gets the best of him.

Russell Crowe angrily stormed out of a British radio interview on Wednesday, after the host told Crowe his accent in Robin Hood sounded Irish.

Crowe was chatting to broadcaster Mark Lawson for BBC Radio 4’s Front Row show, when he was asked if he purposely added hints of the Irish dialect to his portrayal of the English folklore hero.   Crowe became furious and questioned Lawson’s opinion – before swearing at him.

Lawson asked the star,

The accent you’ve given him (Robin Hood). There are hints to me of Irish, but what…. were you thinking in those terms?” To which Crowe replied, “You’ve got dead ears mate, you’ve seriously dead ears if you think that’s an Irish accent… B**locks.”

 The interviewer tried to change his line of questioning but Crowe would have none of it and continued to rant about how ridiculous it was that he thought there was a hint of an Irish accent. 

After cursing at the interviewer Crowe walked out of the interview.

What do you think about Crowe walking out of the interview??

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