The Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap 5/31/10

By on May 31, 2010

Teresa brings her 4th daughter, Audriana, home from the hospital.  Teresa doesn’t want anymore children but her husband disagrees.  Audriana’s outfit is absolutely gorgeous – tutu and all.

Danielle meets her friend, Kim G. at a bar to request Kim to escort her to the brownstone for a charity event.  Kim G. happens to be the mother of Christoper Manzo’s (Caroline’s son) best friend.  Kim G. and Caroline are acquaintances and that is all they will ever be as long as Danielle is Kim G.’s friend.

The whole family is curious about Lauren’s boyfriend, Derek.  Alby and Lauren meet Derek for the first time to see what he is about.  Jacqueline meets Derek’s mother for the first time.  The mom’s seem to hit it off over a bottle of wine.

Gia, Teresa’s daughter, is celebrating her 9th birthday.  Manicure, pedicure, a limo and let’s not forget the birthday gift – a mini 4×4 quad!!

The charity event finally happens with Danielle attending with Kim G. and Danny escorting her into the brownstone.  Danny is an ex-con and invites his hell’s angels friends to join them.  The charity event is for a baby, Emanuela, who has cancer.  Unfortunately, Danielle’s entourage didn’t even pay for the event so they didn’t have a table for them.  Danielle and her “friends” left the event.

Danielle created this scene.  She looks for the drama.

Dina has had enough of Danielle – can you blame her?  What do you think of Danielle and her antics??  Have you had enough of her – I know I have.

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