Jersey Shore Recap 9/23/10

By on September 24, 2010

Written by Shirley Paul

Poor Vinny, he waits all night for his date (aka the girl of his dreams), and she stands him up. While Vinny sits somberly on the couch, Ronnie, Sammy, Jose, and Angelina go on a double date for Jose’s birthday.

While Angelina and Sammy go off to the bathroom to freshen up, Jose and Ronnie have a heart to heart.  Jose confesses his undying love for Angelina, and Ronnie tells the truth about Angelina. He makes it clear that Jose is nothing but a fling, and he might as well stop wasting his time with her.

The housemates comfort Vinny about being stood up. Ronnie takes the flowers that Vinny left for his date, leaves him money, and gives them to Sammy.   She refuses the flowers knowing that he got them off the bed.

Jose tries to coerce Angelina for birthday sex, and she plays him AGAIN. She gives him the cold shoulder, and turns around and goes to bed; she claims she’s on her “cycle.”

Mike the Situation and Angelina talk about their “smash” score tallies on the board. Angelina lies and says her score is 2 now, which would include Vinny, and now Jose. Everyone knows that she’s clearly lying, but them.

Angelina defends her decision with a feministic standpoint saying “if guys can do it, why can’t girls? But they clearly don’t approve.

Pauly D, goes on a date with his new girl of the moment. He seems to really like her, and continues to repeat it throughout the episode.

JWOW gets upset that Snooki sleeps  too much because she didn’t wake up her for their nail appointment. Part of the reason JWOW is so antsy for the nail appointment is because  Tom (her boyfriend) is coming.

JWOW greets him at the door with a big hug and kiss. Not more than ten minutes in, Tom finds a number in her address book that he asked her not to copy down. He threatens to leave.  JWOW tries to plead her case, and tell him that she’s waited 6 weeks for him to get here. He decides to stay but gives JWOW the silent treatment. After 5 minutes, and JWOW’s  finger up his nose, he gives in, and forgives her.

The housemates get ready to go out to the club. The boys gloat about “T-Shirt” time before they hit the club.

Angelina sees Snooki’s ex-fling in the club, and she flirts with him. The roommates start to wonder if Angelina is after Snooki’s sloppy seconds.

Mike “The Situation” meets a new girl at the club, and they go straight to the bathroom. They try to get a quickie in, but they get busted by security.  He unfortunately loses her in the club, and he’s not too happy about it.

Angelina gets in yet ANOTHER argument with her roommates. Pauly D outs Angelina about dancing with Snooki’s left overs , and tells her “ he just doesn’t  want her to get an infection.”

Mike the situation talks about his GTL lifestyle. He gets a pleasant surprise as he comes back from getting his laundry. His mysterious girl that disappeared in the club,  leaves a note on his door that reads “Samantha, I met you at the club last night. Call me.”

Angelina and her friend, and Pauly and Vinny go to the beach. They try not to acknowledge each other, to try and ignore the tensions that exist between them.

Mike the Situation gets prepared for his date with his dream girl “Samantha.” Mike calls her to come out to the club. He in but so many words TELLS her that she’s coming out with him, and back to the house to sleep.

He tries to clean up the house, and comes across Angelina’s dirty maxi pad. He rants and raves then throws it under her pillow.

Angelina meets a guy on the beach then brings him back to the house. Mike and the Situation and the roommates go out to eat, and discuss the situation about Angelina and the maxi pad.

Angelina comes home, and sees the maxi pad under her pillow. Her new fling stands off to the side witnessing the fiasco going on.

Mike “the situation” comes home and starts a scene. He introduces himself to Angelina’s new boo. Then he starts to complain about Angelina’s sloppy and messy ways.

Words are exchanged between Angelina and Mike the Situation. It gets so heated that he blows up her spot about the dirty maxi pad. He calls Angelina every name in the book, while she sits by her friend looking like a sad puppy.

Tempers flare, and before you know it Angelina gets up in Mike “The Situations face…..

You’ll have to come back next week, and see what happens next.

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