Private Practice Season 4 Premiere Spoiler Alert 9/23/10

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The on again off-again couple of Violet and Pete are engaged on the season premiere of Private Practice.   This is definitely a surprise as we last saw Pete with Addison.

Violet asks Cooper to be her bridesmaid but before walking down the aisle – Violet has second thoughts and almost makes a run for it.  Ultimately, Violet does marry Pete – but will it be “happily ever after”?

 Things have taken a surprise turn with Addison and Sam, and Naomi juggles the burden of caring for her daughter and newborn granddaughter and worries about Dink’s ability to parent.   Despite disagreements and deeply-rooted conflicts, the doctors come together to mourn the loss of their friend, Dell, on the fourth Season Premiere of Private Practice.

Another spoiler has just been released about Private Practice from Entertainment Weekly  reporting that the upcoming season will feature its most tragic, dark story yet during November sweeps.  Can anything be more dark and tragic than having your child stolen from your womb and living to speak about it??

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