Jersey Shore, Season 2, Episode 12, DeJa Vu Recap 10/14/10

By on October 14, 2010

By Shirley Paul

Tonight, on Jersey Shore, Vinny finally scores with the love of his life, Ramona. Mike “The Situation” notices that he’s been an ass, so he apologizes to Snooki. The two kiss and make up.

Ryder, Snooki’s BFF leaves Miami to go back home. Snooki sheds tears over the departure of her other half. She even cries to JWOW about how much her friends back home mean to her, and she starts to think about going back home.

Until, she finds out the house will be going to club Space a club well known for the juice heads and Guido’s she’s been looking for.They all get dressed to go out and have a good time. As Snooki says, JWoww goes dressed to the club looking like a stripper.

Ironically, she gets into a fight with one of the girls at the club. The Situation gets involved when he see’s the girl’s boyfriend and he chooses to pick a fight.

They are not even in the club for an hour when they all end up getting kicked out the club. Needless to say, the housemates are pissed off. While they leave the club, Pauly D meets two girls and takes them back to the house.

They think the girls are DTF. When Mike finds out his girl has only slept with one person he kicks her out of his room. Pauly D’s girl can’t take the disrespect and she leaves along with her friend. Pauly D is pissed off that he messed up his DTF flow.

Pauly D confides in Vinny, and tells him that he wishes he was there to have his back. He brags that he never has to try with a girl unlike The Situation. Meanwhile, The Situation confides in JWOW and tells her that his girl was a grenade, and he didn’t want to waste his time.

Pauly D meets up with Rocio on the beach and Vinny brings Ramona. Sammy and Ronnie come out to join them and the three of them enjoy a couples day at the beach together.

The Situation tries to redeem himself by cooking the house dinner. Instead while trying to multitask, he ends up filling the whole kitchen with smoke. The Fire Department comes in, and the girls are more concerned about the hot firefighters than the smoke.

The housemates sit around and enjoy dinner together.

Afterwards the guys sit around and talk about their ideal girls. They make a comment about liking “exotic” looking girls. When Sammi asks if she looks exotic, Ronnie responds by saying she looks Asian. Sammy is offended by the the comment since his ex-girlfriend is Asian. She asks Ronnie why he is with her. He responds by saying that she has been nothing but negative, upsetting her even more. It seems like they’re back to square one.

They guys go out for a day of GTL when The Situations car gets towed. Mike calls the towing company and tries to negotiate the $175 fee down since the car was only taken 5 minutes ago – no deal. Mike and Vinny walk around South beach looking for the towing company and finally find it and the infamous Escalade.

MVP (Mike, Vinny, and Pauly D) head out to club Tantra. Pauly D and The Situation scope out the girls, find two that are dtf and bring them home. One of the girls has a boyfriend and tells Mike that she is leaving in five minutes. Mike tells her to leave now. Both girls leave and once again, Pauly D and Mike are left alone. No girls, no dtf action – nothing but DeJa Vu.

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