The Biggest Loser Recap and Results 10/26/10

By on October 26, 2010

This week on The Biggest Loser the contestants learn only one person’s weight will count for each team and the twist is, each team gets to pick the other teams person that will be weighed in.

On The Biggest Loser last week, Richard “Rick” Deroque was eliminated from the competition.

In this episode, there was a timed cooking competition, and they were guided by Chef Curtis Stone and Lorena Garcia.   The Black team lost the cooking competition so the Blue team won a 10 second advantage for the reward challenge.

The Blue team, with the help of the 10 second advantage, won the dragon boat race.  As the winners they get to block the Black teams first choice during the weigh-in. 

The Black team choice Jessica as the one person to have her weight count at the weigh-in.  The Blue team won the option to block the first choice of the Black team but chose not to block it.  The Blue team chose Anna to represent the Black team. 


Black Team

Frado                                                       308        -14         4.55%

Brendan                                                  313         -11          3.51%

Patrick                                                     346        -9            2.60%

Elizabeth                                              218        -5          2.29%

Ada                                                            215          -4         1.86%

Anna                                                           286       -3           1.05%

Blue Team

Mark                                                           352        -16          4.55%

Adam                                                         335          -13        3.81%

Aaron                                                        407         -9           2.21%

Jessica                                                      248          -4           1.61%

Lisa                                                             252         -8          2.63%

Jesse                                                           305        -9            2.95%

Elizabeth lost 5 lbs.  2.29%  beating out Jessica who lost 4 lbs. 1.61% so the Blue Team lost the weigh-in.  Mark was safe with the highest % of weight loss.  There was a 3-3 tie between Jessica and Adam.  Which means it was up to the Black Team to choose who goes home.  They were able to pick anyone from the Blue Team except Mark who had immunity.  The Black Team chose Adam Hurtado to be eliminated.  Adam started at 402 lbs. he now weighs 264 lbs.

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