Demi Lovato Checks Herself In for Treatment

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Demi Lovato has quit the Jonas Brother’s tour and checked herself into a treatment center to seek help for “emotional and physical issues”, according to TMZ.

In a statement to TMZ, ┬áDemi’s rep says,

“Demi Lovato left her tour early this weekend in order to seek medical treatment for emotional and physical issues she has dealt with for some time.” The statement continues, “Demi has decided to take personal responsibility for her actions and seek help. She is doing just that.” The rep concludes, “[Demi] regrets not being able to finish her tour, but is looking forward to getting back to work in the near future.”

It is being reported that Lovato is not seeking treatment for drug use.

Sources close to Lovato  said that she was in a physical altercation with a female member of her tour recently which may have helped with her decision to seek professional help.

Anyone else surprised by the latest turn of events??

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