Holiday Gift Guide for your Little Prince and Princess

By on December 19, 2010

Have U Heard would like to wish everyone a Happy Holiday Season!! One of the best parts of the holidays is shopping. Take a look at some of our “favorite things” for the little Prince and Princess in your life.

Kung Zhu Warriors

Kung Zhu Warriors is the newest addition to the Zhu Zhu Pets product line. Kung Zhu is a full lineup of crazy hamster warriors. In “normal mode”, the hamsters are mild-mannered and act just like Zhu Zhu Pets Hamsters, including silly explore cartoon sounds in “explore mode” and normal hamster sounds in “talk mode”. In “battle mode” it has the ability to transform into more aggressive/zany hamsters with sounds to match. Which Kung Zhu are You?

Penbo from iloveRobots

Penbo is a lovable, interactive and waddling penguin with her baby. She responds to touch with blinking eyes, flapping wings, and cooing sounds. This adorable penguin robot comes with a surprise: she lays an egg! When the egg is opened, out comes Bebe – a tiny baby penguin that will chirp and communicate with its mother. Mommy listens to Bebe and responds in her own Penguish language! When the child places Bebe in Penbo’s pouch the two sing to one another while the mom dances with joy. Penbo plays five fun games with you and Bebe including tag, hide and seek and peek-a-boo.

Penbo is one of the most wanted toys this season.  My daughter loves her Penbo and it has become part of the family.  To learn more about Penbo visit

Babysitting Mama for the Wii

Mama makes her babysitting debut in an inventive game that lets players use the Wii Remote™ in a whole new way! By tucking the Wii Remote™ into the back of the plush baby included with the game, girls can play the game as they play with the doll. Players can enjoy more than 40 activities using the doll and Nunchuk™ controller: rock the baby to sleep; bounce the baby; feed, bathe, change and play with the baby, plus much more. Babysitting Mama features six unique babies, each with his or her own personality and needs, along with a range of indoor and outdoor environments that Mama and baby can play in. The game even supports two-player mode, because when it comes to newborns, Mama could use some help!

Get Moving Family Fitness

Get Moving Family Fitness by JumpStart is making fitness fun! Discover the ultimate family sports game with fitness expert and mom of 4, Brooke Burke. With more than 15 sports challenges in 11 exotic arenas, Get Moving is the fun, new way to keep your family active! Design your own character to race and play, build customized routines for extra challenge, compete head to head or play solo, play underwater, on a farm, in Egypt or 8 other exotic locations.


Unlike any other toy on the market, HEXBUG combines science and technology with kids’ innate love for bugs, in a way that translates into hours of imaginative and interactive playtime. Parents and kids will fall in love with HEXBUG creatures’ fascinating life-like behavior that brings fun and excitement to robotics. Designed to foster children’s creativity and fuel hours of imaginative playtime.  To learn more about the full line of HEXBUG products visit

Jump Start Pet Rescue

The first learning game for preschoolers ever offered on the Wii™, JumpStart Pet Rescue is packed with over 80 fun-filled lessons and activities designed for 3-6 year olds. As players explore a jungle, beach, neighborhood, town and pet land on a mission to rescue lost pets, they practice over 75 essential skills including pre-reading, memory, listening and more.

Along the way, kids can earn special virtual rewards, adopt and care for cuddly pets and design the perfect avatar. And, the JumpStart characters are on hand to guide kids every step of the way so that even the youngest players can finally enjoy the excitement of Wii™ gaming and learn at the same time.

Crafting Mama for the Nintendo DS

The extent of Mama’s talents are limitless! She can hold her own in the kitchen and garden next to the world’s best, but now Mama is poised to dominate arts & crafts too. This all-new crafting game lets players create their own unique crafts across a wide range of different projects. Crafting Mama is guaranteed to turn Mama fans into crafty creators in no time!

Disclosure: While we love all of the above mentioned products, FTC guidelines state that we mention it is a sponsored post.


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