Brothers & Sisters Recap 1/2/11

By on January 3, 2011

Kitty’s relationship with Seth goes public – viral on the internet is as public as it gets!!

That means Seth’s mom/Kitty’s boss, Dean Whitley, now knows the secret identity of her sons new girlfriend. Kitty is horrified and the press is not making it any easier with the nickname “Cougar Walker-McCallister.”

Kitty is relieved that Dean Whitley is issuing a statement supporting her relationship with Seth. But she’s surprised when she questions her reasons for dating her son. The Dean puts her son down by telling Kitty that he has made a career out of working on his Masters. Their conversation does not end well.

Kitty wonders about her relationship with Seth but realizes after reading one of Seth’s short stories featuring a main character that was inspired by her that she doesn’t mind kissing him in public anymore.

Nora is having some relationship issues with Dr. Karl, who is disappointed to learn that Kitty, Seth, Kevin and Scotty will be joining them for dinner. He was looking forward to a quiet evening. That rarely happens when the Walker kids are around. Dr. Karl becomes so uncomfortable with the way-too-personal conversations that he leaves in a bit of a huff.

The next day, Dr. Karl calls Nora during her radio show asking for advice on how to apologize to his girlfriend for his little tantrum. The conversation leads them both to realize that their relationship is over.

Justin is totally into his new career as a paramedic. He’s picking up extra shifts whenever possible. This leaves little time for his still-developing relationship with nurse Annie, who suggests doing a ride-along with Justin during his last shift. It’s the only way she can spend some time with him.

At the end of the shift, Annie offers to make Justin a late dinner at his place. While Justin’s schedule is jam-packed he realizes that you need to find time to make a relationship work.

Kevin and Scotty attend an adoption fair. It’s an event where potential parents can meet and interact with children looking to be placed into families. An outgoing little girl named Olivia offers to be their tour guide.

At the end of the day, the Kevin and Scotty must list their top five picks based on the kids they met. It’s an impossible request. How can they possibly choose from all these wonderful, needy children? Things get a little easier when Olivia gives them a big goodbye hug. Kevin and Scotty realize they don’t have to make a choice any longer because Olivia just chose them.

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