Million Dollar Money Drop Questions and Results 1/18/11

By on January 18, 2011

Sandy and her husband Sargent David, were the first contestants on Million Dollar Money Drop.

Host Kevin Pollack gives contestant pairs a million dollars at the start of the game, and through a course of seven trivia questions they must wager portions of their cash. They can bet it all on an answer they know, or cover several answers to even their odds. Whatever money is placed on an incorrect answer is dropped through the money drop, and at the end of the game the remaining cash is theirs to keep – if there’s any left, of course.

Question 1 – Held on to $1,000,000

Of these four syllables in the song Do-Re-Mi which represents the higher tone on the musical scale?






Question 2 – Lost it all!! Brutal

What U.S. President is on the dime?

John F. Kennedy

Thomas Jefferson

Abraham Lincoln

Franklin Roosevelt

Follow that cruel drop Kevin Pollack welcomed the next two hopefuls, Nathan and Lana.

Question 1 – held on to $1,000,00

According to the international  bartenders association, a screwdriver has the same nonalcoholic ingredient as what other drink?



bloody mary

tequila sunrise

Long Island ice tea

Question 2 -held on to $1,000,000

Which Shrek actor fathered a child with a Spice Girl? 


the voice of Shrek

the voice of Donkey

the voice of Puss and Boots

the voice of the King

Question 3 – held on to $780,000

Which of these was never a Lucky Charms Marshmallow shape?


rabbit’s foot




Question 4 – held on to $580,000

Which of these ingredients is not on a McDonald’s Big Mac? 



Pickle slices


Question 5 – held on to $580,000

How many U.S. states touch the Pacific Ocean?





Question 6 – held on to $300,000

Which music artist was the first to be viewed one billion times on YouTube ?


Justin Bieber


Lady Gaga

Question 7- Won $300,000!!

According to a 2007-2008 study by the auto insurance consulting company QPC, who receives more speeding tickets?




Congratulations, Nathan and Lana!!  They are the biggest winner this show has ever had.

Answer 1

Ti  – correct answer

Answer 2

Franklin Roosevelt – correct answer

Answer 1

tequila sunrise – correct answer

Answer 2

the voice of Donkey (Eddie Murphy) – correct answer

Answer 3

rabbit’s foot – correct answer

Answer 4

tomato – correct answer

Answer 5

5- correct answer

Answer 6

Lady Gaga – correct answer

Answer 7

men – correct answer

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  1. Corvac

    January 19, 2011 at 12:18 am

    I’m from the UK and I know who is on the bloody dime. These type of game shows just prove how dumb Americans can be..not to mention that the monkey is a Sargent

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