The Cape, Season 1, Episode 3 Recap 1/17/11

By on January 17, 2011

This week’s episode begins with a Russian man examining a prisoner, who is mentioned to have escaped from other prisons, “but not this one.” The man is locked up, but starts grinning. Next thing we know, the alarm is blaring and he, clearly an escape artist, is gone, having left the word “Kozmo” written in blood on the wall. Vince attacks a cop called Phillips, threatening him with death to reveal what he knows about Faraday being innocent and Chess being Flemming, but Phillips won’t talk, so he drops him over the side of a bridge.

The next day, Trip, Vince’s son starts at a new school. Meanwhile Vince is training endlessly with the cape, but Max tells him not to be consumed by the cape. A man walks into the big top, turning out to be Gregor Molotov, the former owner of the cape, and the escaped convict looking for his cape, but Max won’t tell him where it is. Before leaving, however, he meets Vince. Then Max tells Vince about Gregor, how he was next in line to receive the cape – and about the name, “Kozmo” and what it meant, and then to lay low for a while.

Marty meets with Flemming, telling him that they had a trace on Orwell, but failed to catch him. Orwell is becoming a threat to Flemming, so he orders Orwell to be eliminated. Orwell talks to Vince about Gregor, and how he used the cape to kill. Before turning in for the night, Vince picks up the The Cape comic book and reads from it, coincidentally, the same time as Trip, who seems to be becoming a bit of a punk because of all the resentment about what people think of his father.

Vince catches sight of Gregor and tries to follow him, but loses him. Gregor goes to a gambling room where he seeks information about a very special cape. The men tell him about The Cape, and what he’s been doing with the cape. Before leaving, Gregor kills them with the playing cards, planting them in their throats like shuriken.

Vince finds out about the killing and investigates. Meanwhile, Orwell gets on offer from Rollo to come and visit Vince’s “freaky peeps.” She meets Max, but suddenly Gregor walks in and introduces himself to Orwell. Gregor tells them, Vince included, about his skills as an escape artist, as well as what he was put in prison for.

Vince’s wife talks to a prisoner who was arrested in the train yard on the night of the Chess incident. He tells her about the incident – the truth about that night.

Meanwhile, Vince begins to lead Gregor to reveal that he killed those men, because only a master magician like him could do it with a card, and Gregor gets suspicious. He figures out that Vince is a cop and flees. Vince goes after him, declaring as long as he has the cape, Gregor is his business. Orwell warns him about Gregor and how he could know about Vince’s family.

Meanwhile, his wife seems to be striking up a relationship with a coworker, which Vince happens to witness, secretly.

Gregor is shown stalking Max, and takes over the circus, putting on a show consisting of the murders of the crew and Max. Vince comes flying in to save Max, knocking over the tank he was meant to drown in, and Orwell rescues the crew for the tiger. As Vince tries to revive Max, Gregor steals the cape and attacks Vince with it. The crowd flees the circus while Gregor, taking on the name Kozmo, runs amok with the cape. Vince reverses the hold put on him and chokes Gregor into unconsciousness using his own cape. Max tells him that as long as Gregor lives, he’ll be back, but Vince refuses to kill him.

At the train yard, Orwell reveals that everyone who might have seen something the night Chess was killed is being shipped out of the country. Every bit of evidence in Vince’s favor is being disposed of, so now his wife can’t even prove his innocence.

Vince appears before Trip, hearing that they call Trip the son of Chess, causing him to get into fights, but Vince tells him he’s not alone – that he has lost his family too. Reminding him what is really important, he disappears again.

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