The Game, Season 4 Premiere Recap 1/11/11

By on January 12, 2011

Written by Carletta Hunt

Game on!

The Game is back two years later on a new channel, taping in a new city, with a few new faces – so much to cover to get the viewers up to date.

The Game opens with Derwin, and the flashing lights of the paparazzi and security.  Derwin is the  superstar of the San Diego Sabers with a Nike endorsement and a new agent, Tasha Mack.    Melanie moved from Derwin’s girlfriend to wife and quit medical school just before her residency was set to start.   They are in the middle of a cover photo shoot for Essence Magazine ad enjoying the new joys of marriage and fame.   During the photo shoot, Janay, Derwin’s baby mama, drops off DJ (his son) and Melanie gets a little nervous about the connection Derwin has with DJ and consequently Janay.  Using her medical-school connections Melanie decides to swab DJ and get a paternity test done to make sure Janay isn’t trying to take what she and Derwin have.

SCANDAL…… Who’s Your Daddy?
It turns out the baby isn’t his and Derwin is upset, hurt and a wounded man – DJ was his life. Only to find out in the soap opera likestyle that Tammy, her med-school friend, made a mistake and DJ is Derwin’s baby. Now, does Melanie tell Derwin about the true results just as easily as she told him the wrong results?   Well, you’ll have to watch or at least check back to see what happens.

Tasha is seeing a younger man, Donte, played by BET’s 106 & Park’s Terrance J.  The cougar-cub game plays out with Tasha wanting to keep a low profile with their relationship.   That is until they are at a party and she sees Donte with someone else.  She realizes that she would rather he give all of his time to her.  She’s a MACK with a heart and a soft spot for a man – a younger man.

Malik is being Malik. Megan Goode joins the team as the girlfriend of the Sabre’s manager who has found a fancy in sleeping with Malik. You meet her while  getting busy with Malik in the restaurant bathroom during a Saber team business dinner meeting.

Tee Tee, Malik’s old assistant, is now a business owner – a mobile wing spot. He opened it with money that Malik gave him (and Malik keeps mentioning throughout the show).   Tee Tee has a girlfriend, Allison, who is easily lead astray after taking Malik home as a favor for Tee Tee and winds up in the hot tub with Malik and the owner’s wife.

Malik continues his reckless behavior…what’s new.

Lastly, little Brittany has been replaced by a much older Brittany with an attitude regarding her parent’s divorce. Jason is a sports commentator living on a budget and tired of the abuse from ex-wife Kelly. With a new hair cut and edgy look, Kelly’s a reality star about ex-wives of athletes. She’s being followed everywhere by a camera crew and using all angles of her life to exploit. The entire reality show is about Jason and what he never did for her (from expensive shoes to a breast job) so it’s no surprise when he comes in and takes over the show. So it looks like it might be a joint reality show venture.
Favorite one-liners:
How can I get caught when I the rules don’t apply to me?
Even a garbage can eats a steak.

Any other  favorite one-liners from last night’s episode?

See you on the sidelines.

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