The Game Recap 2/15/11

By on February 16, 2011

Written by Carletta Hurt

The Good, the Bad, and then there’s Malik! This week The Game opens with Malik making a mockery of his time in rehab during a group session. His huge ego goes into overdrive as he insults everyone including the counselor. After a failed attempt to get into the panties of a super model who’s taking her sobriety seriously and the counselor questioning his ability to see his addiction, Malik goes AWOL and heads to the club.

Another disaster in slow motion, Melanie and Kelly’s relationship. During a Sunbeam meeting, Kelly and her reality show TV crew “drop-in” to donate some hats for the new Sunbeam charity cause. It appears that it’s just a short visit but turns into Kelly taking a seat on the couch and making suggestions and comments on Sunbeam business. Melanie takes it in stride and allows her to stay while others are visibly irritated by Kelly’s presence.

What goes up must come down and so goes Tasha Mack by the end of the show. A surprise call from Rick Fox during the Sunbeam meeting sends Tasha back. Unable to release the issues from the break-up, she agrees to a dinner with him so she can show him how much she’s moved on and got her groove back. With Donte at her house fixing up a few things, a dressed to kill Tasha, goes out to meet Rick for dinner. In a true player move, Tasha turned her cell phone off. So what does Rick do when he can’t get in touch with Tasha to let her know he can’t make it? He’s forced to call her house to let her know he has to cancel. How did she get the message while still at the restaurant waiting…Donte!

The disaster is moving along when Kelly crashes a VIP Sunbeam party at a club. Jasmine tells Melanie that Kelly is using her to gain access to Sunbeam and no longer belongs. Melanie doesn’t get it until her VIP party flops after everyone leaves because of Kelly. A truthful discussion created out of frustration brings that slow moving collision into full speed with Kelly quoting Snookie.

A moment of fun turns seriously honest for the guys as well. With Malik on a drinking and drug binge, he loses control and lashes out at Derwin and Jason. He’s hurt because Derwin didn’t come to his press conference and feels betrayed. Malik tries to start a fight and Derwin knocks him out. The reality of his situation sinks in and Malik agrees to go back to rehab.

Next week, The Game switches plays with a focus on Kelly and Jason’s parenting skills. Can’t wait!

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  1. Trinette

    February 18, 2011 at 9:06 am

    Who desiged the dress Tasha had on?

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