Help Me Recap the Real World Las Vegas!

By on March 8, 2011

Hi everybody. I hope that you are enjoying all the recaps as much as we enjoy writing them. Sadly, sometimes we have to miss a show here and there and nobody can cover for you. We all have tons on our plates and this week, my buffet is in Walt Disney World! I am so stoked to go away and get away from this bitter cold however, I am super bummed that I will miss the premiere of the new season of the Real World.

As we know, I am an original 2001/2002 RWLV reject, which I so proudly shared with all of you. So I have taken this new Las Vegas season and made it by baby. I need a sitter for it; that is where all of you Have U Heard supporters come in!

I am asking all of you who plan on watching the new season to comment at this article and let ME know what YOU think. I want to know which cast mate you love, hate or just love to hate. Will this be a good season or a bad season? Should they have returned to Las Vegas or has it been lost upon MTV that there are a billion and one cities/towns/parishes out there? When I return early Monday morning, I will check in and see what you think. Then I will watch the show and do my recap, as per usual and respond to your comments.

This is an experiment I’m trying because I don’t want to fall behind on the RWLV and neither do you. So let’s take a chance and see what happens. Are you up for the challenge? The season premiere of the RWLV airs at 10 p.m. ET on MTV. This is the true story, of seven strangers…

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