Russell Brand Deported From Japan and Can’t Dig Out With Chopsticks

By on May 22, 2011

Russell Brand was paying a visit to see his lovely wife, Katy Perry, who was performing in Japan, but apparently he wasn’t welcome.

Perry tweeted Sunday that  Brand was deported from Japan upon his arrival:

“So…my husband just got deported from Japan. I am so. sad. I brought him all this way to show him my favorite place #tokyodreamscrushed,”

An hour later, she tweeted,

“It was for priors from over 10 years ago!”

Russell seemed to take the incident in stride – tweeting away.

“Planning escape from Japanese custody. It’s bloody hard to dig a tunnel with a chopstick,” he wrote.

“Stockholm syndrome kicking in. Just asked my guard out for (vegetarian) sushi. He giggled.”

Apparently the deportation was a result of Brand’s past drug use and convictions.

What do you think?  Should Brand have been deported?

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