George Clooney and Lindsay Lohan: Top 20 Celebrities Buzzing on the Internet

By on June 29, 2011

The top 20 celebrities that are buzzing on the Internet this week are the most talked about across the world wide web. With the announcement that George Clooney is back on the market after splitting from his girlfriend of two years, Elisabetta Canalis, he became the most talked about male celebrity this week. Lindsay Lohan, with her constant legal antics, snagged the top spot for female celebs.

Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz also made it on to the list at 15th and 20th, respectively, due the the announcement of their secret wedding over the weekend.  Last week Jim Carrey and Beyonce were the top man and woman buzzers.

Check out the rest of the top 20 most popular celebs this week:

  1. George Clooney
  2. Lindsay Lohan
  3. Madonna
  4. Beyonce
  5. Will Smith
  6. Tom Hanks
  7. Cameron Diaz
  8. Jennifer Lopez
  9. Brad Pitt
  10. John Cena
  11. Tom Cruise
  12. Johnny Depp
  13. Angelina Jolie
  14. Jennifer Aniston
  15. Daniel Craig
  16. Robert Pattinson
  17. Matt Damon
  18. Mariah Carey
  19. Kristen Stewart
  20. Rachel Weisz


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