Real Housewife of New Jersey Teresa Guidice Pregnant??

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According to this week’s In Touch Weekly Teresa Guidice, from The Real Housewives of New Jersey is pregnant with her fifth child.

The magazine reports that she and her husband Joe Guidice will finally bring a baby boy into the family, already having four girls. Unfortunately, the happy news has been overshadowed by the fact that Joe is currently looking at prison time for fraud.

Unfortunately or fortunately??   Teresa is NOT pregnant … yet. Apparently, the InTouch article reveals she is “getting ready” to be pregnant, not that she already is.

Once again – false reporting. What do you think about the fake news??

3 Responses to Real Housewife of New Jersey Teresa Guidice Pregnant??

  1. Barbara says:


    If she “wrote” the news, it’s more likely that a ghostwriter did it for her. On Las night’s “Celebrity Apprentice,” 3/18/12, she claimed to have written a book, then added something to the effect of “a ghostwriter wrote it.”

    As a writing consultant that crisps my chips. She should be up-front and say, “I hired a ghostwriter to write my book.”

  2. Chawey says:

    Did Teresa write this? I do however agree that this is how rumors get started

  3. Cara says:

    I was kind of annoyed when I read this article because
    it blatantly gives the impression (on the cover) that
    Teresa is pregnant. Yet if you buy the magazine and
    read the article, only then does it reveal that she is NOT.
    What bothered me is that this is how rumors get started. As
    if Teresa hasn’t been slammed enough in the past year and a
    half. People will look at the cover, not bother to read the
    whole thing and make the assumption that she is pregnant.
    False reporting is so irresponsible. I don’t know how
    publications get away with it.

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