Teen Wolf Actress Leaks Spoiler Info on Alpha

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Check out the recap for this week’s episode, July 11, 2011 Here

Update: Click here to find out who the alpha is.

Actress Holland Roden, who plays the spunky queen bee genius Lydia on MTV’s Teen Wolf, just tweeted a major bombshell for the show’s first season. Spoiler-phobes might want to to avert their eyes now from this juicy morsel of information. On Tuesday morning Roden tweeted the following about a tidbit shared by Teen Wolf creator Jeff Davis:

Interesting fact for #teenwolf You’ve already seen more than one Alpha on the show. from our creator @jeffdavis.. stay tuned..

This means that the supernatural teen drama might boast as many as two (or more!) alpha werewolves. The first five episodes have already focused on the hunt to find the alpha werewolf that turned Scott into the titular teen wolf of the show. An alpha, in the world of the show, is the strong and dangerous leader of a pack.

Who are these alphas? That debate will probably drive the rest of the season, but for my money here are my guesses.

Scott’s Dad: We haven’t seen him yet and Scott’s mom seems to think he’s bad news. Plus why else would the alpha be so interested in Scott?

The Vet: He had a fairly odd reaction to seeing pictures of a mountain lion turn into a person in last night’s episode. Suddenly he became way too interested in that sick doberman. Perhaps he’s hiding something?

Jackson: It’s a long shot but he did appear to have scratch marks on the back of his neck, although how recent they are is a mystery. Frankly, my guess is red herring with this one.

The Coach: Ok, this guess is totally out of nowhere, but just think about it. It would explain his frantic energy and interest in Scott. Plus wouldn’t it be nice to have an alpha who likes to be called cupcake?

Who do you think could be one or both of the alphas? Sound off in the comments!

50 Responses to Teen Wolf Actress Leaks Spoiler Info on Alpha

  1. Cameron says:

    It’s Peter! Have you even seen episode 2? You see the burnt alpha alive! And Jackson video taped himself during the full moon and nothing happened, plus his body was rejecting the bite! The vet only knows about werewolves, he said 90% of the time he’s mostly treating cats and dogs.

  2. Chelle says:

    i think it’s Dereks uncle! or maybe the vet, don’t think jacksons the alpha but he might become part of their pack? Who knows something dodgys happening with him… Who agrees Dereks the fitter werewolf? :D x

  3. brandon says:

    oh and I dont think it was dereks uncle that bite scott.
    only bc the one that bit scott was not only fully transformed
    but he had the strength to just bite scott and not kill him
    and in the episdoe where it talks about uncle peter killing laura
    which was in that general time give or take a day he said he
    only killed her bc he couldnt control himself. he was still brain
    dead and running on wolf instinct. 1 or2 days wouldnt be enough
    for him to gain back his mind seeing as how it took 10 years
    for the scarring to go away.also with him being a noob in the world
    of an alpha how would he be able to change fully by then and still
    control the animal enough to only bite and not kill

  4. brandon says:

    plus. in the finale spoiler allisons dad tells his sister (kate)
    that he doesnt know what side she is on anymore and her and derek
    had sex in the past and from what i have research, if the show goes
    by the real legends which originated in romania in the early 1200′s
    the curse can be passed through any kind of bodily fluid exchange
    like sex, bite, blood consuption ( thats how dereks uncle became the
    the alpha when he bit laura)or a scratch if deep enough

  5. brandon says:

    of course dereks uncle is the alpha…
    in the past 3 episodes its been said
    over 10 times…..
    the second alpha is/ was luara hale(thats how its spelled)
    … however, since she was never alive during the series
    i am guessing there is a third who is
    alive. the vet isnt the alpha but he knows about the
    werewolves through his extensive studies in paranormal
    animals and cryptozoology. my guess is the other alpha
    is the least expected person I.E. allisons dad mom or

  6. Taylor says:

    i think its dereks uncle as if you wach the clip for the last episode you can see that dereks uncle is walking and he goes to stiles and asks if he wants the bite.he also says that he only bit scott in the woods that night because he needed more pack members so therefore dereks uncle is probebly thealpha :)

  7. Nick says:

    The other alpha is the nurse I think

  8. xoeitheror says:

    Also,notice how whenever Peter Hail comes to take Scott the
    vet knows who and what Peter Hail is but isn’t scared in the
    slightest. He also has some sort of protective barrier built out
    of some wood,I believe it was a type of ash. How would he
    be so well educated about werewolves? Without either A.being
    a werewolf himself B.being a hunter(obvious he isn’t a hunter)
    When Peter throws the chair at him it doesn’t even phase him.

  9. xoeitheror says:

    The second alpha is Scott’s boss,the vet. In the episode
    Formality,the vet patches up Scott and protects him whenever
    Peter Hail comes to find him.

  10. butterfly says:

    its obvious that the alpha is dereks uncle, and the other alpha is laura hale because when they found her buried she was completely transformed into a wolf which only an alpha could do, and she survived the fire only to be killed by dereks uncle and the alphas had to be people who survived the fire, it only makes sense that they make it seem obvious that the alhpa was the vet to trick everyone.

  11. Yogurts says:

    One thing that I’ve noticed is that Derek’s uncle just NOW got healed. Evident in the episode prior to “Co Captain” is the fact that he was still healing. Therefore, I don’t think Derek’s Uncle wants Scott to kill his friends for the reason that Scott believes he does. I think he wants him to kill the “other alpha”. I don’t think Derek’s Uncle is the one who bit him. I think whomever is was, (which I’m beginning to get the impression that it is Allison’s Aunt Kate, the way she’s so intent on finding the “alpha”… could just to keep her brother off her tracks, and to kill Derek’s Uncle to keep her secret?

  12. Jaianee says:

    to Devon Smith: is dat true.. i really think dat jackson
    is related sum how to the alpha and remember in wolf’s
    bane at the lacrosse game.. the argent family recognized
    what seems to be a scrtach on jackson’s neck and dey said
    sum about if the werewolf scratches 2 deep then u mite
    turn in to a werewolf. this show is awesome anyway.. we
    kno 4 sure dat peter hale,derek uncle is a werewolf and i
    think dat scotts dad can be 1. i dont kno jus suggesting

  13. Devon Smith says:

    being scratched allows you to feel what werewolf scartched u feels or remembers

  14. Devon Smith says:

    holy poopie this is awesome XD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    if u kill ur whole pack u become an aplha. Chemist teacher and and scotts gf aunt started the fire and lied to her family. dereks uncle is the new aplha and scotts mom is part of his pack and so when allisons aunt told derek she didnt kill his family she wasnt lying but she started that fire for sure. jackson may chicken out or be killed soon. his scratch is to visible and he may alredy be part of dereks pack by accident.

  15. Devon Smith says:

    crap jackson is a Gama he doesnt even know though turned by scratch scotts mom is one

  16. Devon Smith says:

    omg that chicks mom burn down the house with the chem teacher

  17. Devon Smith says:

    omg the dude from the hospital is one hes all burnt up. lol jacksons clean

  18. Katrina says:

    I think the alpha is scott and stiles teacher or maybe derek’s uncle. In one of the episodes he mademovement

  19. Ashtyn says:

    Me and my friend think it could be one of Jackson’s birth parents or scott’s dada or maybe it could be the vet. We’ll just have to wait

  20. Chloe says:

    You know the teacher that wears the glasses and he’s really strict/weird/mean? The teacher who gave Scott & Stiles detention? Yeah, well, he could somewhat be the Alpha. The vet could be the Alpha or maybe even the coach. Those are my three choices. I kinda doubt that the Alpha is Scott’s father. But thats just my opinion :)

  21. Anon E. Mouse says:

    I am sure that Derek’s uncle was the Alpha of his pack.

  22. Kailey says:

    In the end of Lunatic, the Alpha changed into a human briefly, and they had a tall, muscular build. I think this rules out the chem teacher, he’s pretty scrawny, and the vet. BUT, the vet is african-american, and the alpha is pretty dark, darker than Scott and Derek. That might have to do with him being an alpha, though. There is a possiblity that the alpha might of known Alison’s family and/or is upset that Kate is back in town, and is worried that Kate is trying to ruin it for all the wolves out there. I think that this is someone who has long history, like a parent of Jacksons, or a friend of Dereks uncle.

  23. Amber says:

    One of them is obviously the science teacher(detention teacher) when scott and styls were talking about scott having to “deal” with what has happened to him the teacher immediately let him go. And coinsidence that they just happened to end up in the science room when the alpha was chasing them? I’m not sure of the second “ALPHA” just yet but we will find out soon! <3

  24. Joe says:

    yo, im just gunna say that i think its danny, jacksons best friend. if he is, why he chose scott, perhaps that part of the story hasnt been told. and he has been in almost every episode. not a lot of screen time but thats to not give it away, like people are thinking about the vet and the creepy teacher. Hes friendly to everyone, openly gay. c’mon! its the perfect cover!

  25. Devon Smith says:

    Crap it might be the detention teacher. Because no one else even knows who scott hangs out with . I bet that guy was a hunter and got bit. I wonder still …. is jackson a who from an opposing pack (surely born a wolf from the fire at dereks house.) To me when derek asked jackson where scott was derek treated jackson like a little brother. OMG jackson is dereks sister son? :/ maybe. Man they are diffently related some how survied the fire because of dereks uncle. Hes probably .

  26. Devon Smith says:

    Personally, I feel like jackson is an aplha and bit scott.The othe aplha survied the fir and is trying to get scott to help him avenge those killed in the fire . I believe that when jackson met the other aplha. It may have been trying to test jackson, but coulnt tell he was an aplha because he seemed weak.

    Someone born a werewolf may have more control over their transformation and as we can see just like scott , jackson is starting to have dreams of being where people aregetting killed, but this also gives the idea that maybe JACKSON AND SCOTT are part of 2 Opposing packs of wolfs . and t jacksons pack is coming for revenge.

  27. Ry@n says:

    I mean everybody on here has great theories and all don’t get me wrong but don’t forget its a teenage drama on mtv not a soap opera they’re putting a really slight emphasis on that teacher everytime they show him

  28. Ry@n says:

    It their teacher for sure

  29. shadybein!!! says:


  30. jr says:

    i think its Allisons mom, aunt, that one female teacher, or Stiles’ dad

  31. Britt says:

    Wouldn’t it be awesome if scott’s mom and dad were the two
    alphas. Scott’s dad bit scott so scott’s mom is unaware
    he is a beta now. Scott’s dad could have been bitten after
    Scott was born, and then he could’ve possibly bitten his
    wife. Thus no wolf bloodline. But after time they both
    have become alphas. Or maybe the dad is an alpha and the
    mother is still a beta because you have to kill your
    “biter” in order to become an alpha. Just a theory.

  32. Jessie says:

    i think scotts mom is a possibility as well.
    she’s out at all hours of the night and in tonights episode ‘lunatic’ when we saw the alphas body shift back it looked some what womanly to me

  33. Garrett says:

    In a nod to the original teen wolf, Scott’s Mom was gone and the parent who was still there(the dad) was a werewolf. It would be interesting if it was Scott’s mom working those “late nights”.

  34. ShadowRG91 says:

    Hedid it on***

  35. ShadowRG91 says:

    i think the alpha is the couch BECAUSE
    he knows scott and let him live with a bite to become a
    warewolf. 2)the alpha knows jackson which he also didnt
    kill. in lunatic the alpha turn back to human (alittle)
    and have the same hair as the couch. call me crazy lol
    the alpha can be someone we seen but havent put much
    attention to. my other thought is the teacher who seems
    to be angry all the time. he was trying to get scott mad
    when he didnt do the HW. in did it on purpose >.> think
    about it XD

  36. Mich67 says:

    Interesting…I had heard that there
    were two alphas…her tweet suggests
    there might be more. The sheriff’s
    photos looked like the person had
    long hair…a woman perhaps? lol I
    guess the town is werewolf central.

  37. Aaron says:

    The other alpha was Derek’s sister. duh.

  38. Cap says:

    Allison’s dad, maybe the hunters share the same bloodlines.

  39. Sean Holmes says:

    I think the Vet might be the Alpha. When the Cops came by the Vet’s work place he seemed uninterest in solving their animal problems. Then on the next day cops show the Vet a picture which seemed uninteresting to him. It’s possible the Vet could be just friends with the Alpha, but one thing is very clear and that it he’s hiding something.

  40. Luke says:

    Oh yeah and i reread who you thought was the alpha
    whoever created this article and realized the coach
    could be an alpha i mean think about it he has a heart
    monitor in which could track his heart rate

  41. Luke says:

    @Tom I dont think dereks sister is an Alpha, I think the
    only reason that she was a full wolf was becuz of the
    wolfs bane spiral that spiraled around where she was
    burried and if u watch the 6th episode u will notice
    derek was a full wolf “pretending” to be the alpha
    so my guess is ,alphas= they have one choice when
    shifting and that is gorilla sized wolf, and baitas=
    two choices either half man half wolf or full but normal
    sized wolf
    @Kayla I wouldve never thought of that. but now that i
    think about it this could be true
    I think the vet is protecting the alpha because when
    the vet was in the chair, he couldve shifted and took out
    AND i just have to put this out there but does anyone
    else hope derek is still alive? i mean he could heal from
    that right?

  42. Tom says:

    hummm good theories guys but i just watch the last episode and it seem that the vet is the alpha which i dought,mayb the vet isnt the alpha maybe the alpha came and got the vet and the vet is protecting him
    i dought that the vet is the alpha they make it too obvious so therefore i dont think he is the alpha
    weve seen 2 alpha so far in the show the one who bit scott which is identity is unknown
    and derek sister her transformation is a full wolf there she is an alpha

  43. Morgan Glennon says:

    @Kayla: A++! That is such a great theory that I hadn’t even thought of! Interesting…

  44. Kayla says:

    For some reason i have this itching feeling that and derek are related. it says in the show that jackson is adopted and dereks uncle hinted that someone else made it out of the fire i think jacksons real dad is the one that made it out with baby jackson i also think jacksons dad is one of the alphas which would explain why he didnt kill him in the video store, I thionk jackson will become a werewolf (or already is one and it just hasnt surfaced yet)

  45. Morgan Glennon says:

    @JamieLee: Thanks for clearing up how Jackson got the marks. Finally noticed it in the previouslies for this week’s episode. Good theory that it’s someone who escaped the fire although maybe the alpha that attacked Derek at episode’s end is weirdly intense teacher?

    @Fred: I still think that at least one of the alphas is Scott’s dad, if only to explain that alpha’s obsession with Scott.

  46. fred says:

    it can be scotts dad tho, reason is maybe he got bit by a werewolf after acoottttt was born so thats why nothing was passed down to scott

  47. JamieLee says:

    The Detention Teacher=2nd alpha

  48. JamieLee says:

    I take back who I said was the second Alpha… it has to be somebody still alive (the revenge sign) Not Scott’s dad, he is out. Somebody made it out of the fire, somebody Derek knew…(it might even be the coach is not likely but only plausible option mentioned here.

  49. JamieLee says:

    Also “Jackson: It’s a long shot but he did appear to have scratch marks on the back of his neck, although how recent they are is a mystery. Frankly, my guess is red herring with this one.” he got the marks from Derek in Magic Bullet

  50. JamieLee says:

    The second Alpha is Derek’s sister: She looked more like a Wolf than either scott or Derek: like an Alpha would.
    Of course it is more likely another Alpha that is still alive (in order to keep the show running)

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