7 Things You Didn’t Know About Mila Kunis

By on July 13, 2011

Mila Kunis is the new “it” girl.  With her new movie coming out, Friends With Benefits and her GQ Cover she is everywhere.  I bet there are still some things you don’t know about Mila Kunis and some surprising facts too!!

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Did you know?

  • She was born in the Ukraine
  • Didn’t know any English when she came to the United States at age 7
  • Attending the Marine Corp Ball in New York with a Marine who asked her on You Tube
  • In 1998 at 14, she was on That 70’s Show
  • Voice of Meg Griffin on The Family Guy
  • Dated Macauly Culkin for 7 years
  • Huge Star Trek fan

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