Andrew Garfield Emotional Spider-Man Speech at Comic-Con Video

By on July 25, 2011

Andrew Garfield, hidden in a Spider-man Halloween costume, appeared as the first questioner as the Spider-Man panel kicked off at Comic-Con.  He revealed his true identity by ripping off his mask while giving a very heartfelt speech about how important it is to him to play Peter Parker in The Amazing Spider-Man movie.

The speech in its entirety is below, along with a trailer for the film.

“You have no idea how much this means to me. I’ve always wanted to come here as a fan, and this is my first time, so here I am, as a fan. I just want to say a couple of things. I’m Andrew Garfield and I’m going to be here introducing this panel, this Amazing Spider-Man panel.

“Stan Lee says that the reason why Spidey is so popular is because all of us can relate to him, and I agree. I needed Spidey in my life when I was a kid, and he gave me hope. In every comic I read, he was living out my and every skinny boy’s fantasy of being stronger, of being free of the body I was born into, and that swinging sensation of flight. And upon receiving his power, unlike most who have become corrupted, he used it for good. And I think that we all wish we had the courage to stick up for ourselves more, to stick up for a loved one more, or even a stranger you see being mistreated, and Peter Parker has inspired me to feel stronger. He made me, Andrew, braver. He reassured me that by doing the right thing, it’s worth it. It’s worth the struggle, it’s worth the pain, it’s worth even the tears, the bruises, and the blood.

“And, and, and I wouldn’t be able to stand here in front of you guys right now without feeling that Spider-Man was here with me with his reassuring hand on my shoulder, making sure I don’t fall over and concuss myself. He has inspired countless people: girls, boys, men, women, all of us, and he’s saved lives. And he’s saved my life. And I owe Webhead a lot and I owe Stan the Man a lot and I’m humbled to be here, like you do not know, to share the work that we’ve done with all of you. And this is my first Comic-Con. This is definitely the coolest moment of my life and thank you for being here to share it with me.”

He is adorable!! What do you think of his speech?? Are you a Spidey fan??

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