Drop Dead Diva Recap 7/24/11

By on July 25, 2011

There’s nothing like an outsider to ruin a relationship. This week, the lawyers of Harrison and Parker find themselves battling a third party in both their personal relationships and their professional ones. When Jane answers Bill’s phone and hears another woman’s voice, she learns there’s more than Bill’s busy schedule that’s keeping them apart. With her own love life on the rocks, Jane tries to save someone else’s by taking on a case defending the rights of a high school  lesbian couple. Meanwhile, fueled by his breakup with Vanessa, Grayson represents a man whose marriage to a mail-order bride led to a broken heart and a lighter wallet.

Jane’s performance review with Parker is interrupted by Stacy who arrives at the firm with two girls she believes are perfect potential clients. The girls, Nina and Julia, explain to Jane that they’re unable to attend they’re senior prom because their school refuses to sell them a couples ticket because they are a same sex couple. Jane accepts their case and agrees to help them pro bono.

Teri directs bailiff Hank to Grayson’s office for help with his failed marriage, feeling Grayson could do with a case that he can identify with. As Hank tells Grayson how his mail-order wife, Irina, left him after two months of marriage, Kim delivers an envelope containing Vanessa’s engagement ring. Seeing Grayson’s distress, Kim offers to help their case.

During her lunch date, Jane answers Bill’s phone when he steps away from the table thinking it might be an important call from the hospital. Contrary to her expectations, Jane finds herself taking a message from another woman who says that Bill can call her later that night.  When Jane confronts Bill about the call, he admits he’s been seeing other people since they never declared they were exclusive. Despite her true feelings on the matter, Jane quickly says she’s also been seeing other people to avoid looking foolish.

The judge dismisses Grayson’s case on the grounds that Hank’s complaint against the matchmaking website he used to meet his wife is a matter of love rather than a matter of law. However, Grayson is steadfast in finding justice for Hank’s broken heart and decides to go after Irina herself.

Jane arranges a meeting with Julia and the principal of her high school. The principal states that same sex couples at a school dance violates school policy and isn’t phased by Jane’s threats to go to the superintendent. When Jane and Julia return to the parking lot, they find that Julia’s car has been towed and the principal has set her up; he had school security direct her to park in a faculty lot, which leads to an automatic suspension and thus invalidates any right she has to prom tickets. Jane decides to bring the case to court and asks the judge for a written mandate to have the school allow Julia to attend prom with her chosen partner.

After telling Bill that she’s cool with their open dating situation, Jane meets with Julia and Nina to await the judge’s verdict. Teri enters the room with the verdict, delivering good news and bad news. The good, the judge ruled in their favor. The bad, the school canceled the prom.

Stacy tries to show Fred her support when he’s offered an acting role in a commercial after a random encounter with the casting director. She gives him an acting book, never expecting the result to be an inflated ego and a fight. Fred being Fred, however, quickly realizes his insensitivity and apologizes to Stacy.

Jane continues to postpone her evaluation with Parker in order to concentrate on her case. Parker then warns her that she gets too involved with her clients, especially with cases that don’t earn the firm any money. Jane ignores his warning only to find that what her cases lack in money can be made up with publicity. With all the media attention due to the prom cancellation, Parker jumps onto Jane’s case aiming to compel the school to still hold the prom and end discrimination against same sex couples at any future functions.

Grayson and Kim discover that Irina has signed up with a mail-order bride service once before which also resulted in a short-lived marriage. When they bring Irina’s first husband to court as a witness, they reveal Irina’s marriage to Hank was only to make a little extra cash while her first husband searched for a job.

The high school principal calls Jane, Julia, and Nina to the school to make a deal. He offers them a couples ticket to prom in exchange for them dropping the case. Nina refuses in order to ease the futures of younger same sex couples at the school. The girls decide they don’t need to go to prom after all and continue with the lawsuit.

At the commercial shoot, Fred realizes the product being advertised in the commercial depicts a transformation from loser to stud, in which he plays the loser and not both parts. Standing up for himself as a non-loser, Fred is on the verge of quitting when the director informs them that there’s an opening for the bikini model. Stacy, who accompanied Fred to the shoot, jumps at the opportunity, giving them both parts in the commercial.

Back at the firm, Kim informs Grayson that the D.A. is pressing charges against Irina and her first husband, Tyler, but Grayson doesn’t feel the victory. Kim tries to help him finally vent his feelings over his almost wedding by role-playing as Vanessa. She expects him to yell, but instead he kisses her.  Grayson explains he’s never been much of a yeller.

With the school’s prom a no-go, Jane decides to throw Julia and Nina’s senior class their own party, complete with a banner labeled “The Other BETTER Prom”. Jane comes clean to Bill about her true feelings on their open relationship, saying she doesn’t want to compete for his attention and feels she deserves better. Parker shows up to finish Jane’s evaluation and tells her he was wrong before and commends her on her attachment to her clients. Just as the rest of the senior class arrives, Grayson enters. Jane assures him that he’ll be all right as they dance alongside everyone else.

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