Daniel Craig Has to Protect Rachel Weisz

By on August 4, 2011

James Bond star Daniel Craig doesn’t talk about his relationship with actress Rachel Weisz since it would be akin to “shooting [her] in the back”.

Craig told Esquire magazine that “I have a responsibility to protect the people around me. And I can’t protect them if I just give them up. You know, ‘Let me tell you something about them…’ That’s shooting them in the back, because how can they defend themselves? That goes for my family, my friends – and I expect that of the people I have around me. I say, ‘OK, we’ll look after each other, protect one another.'”

The British actor added that he’s not planning to change his tough guy image any time soon, confirming “I’m not about do a romcom. That would be a disaster.”

Craig and Weisz started dating last Christmas and married just recently in June. The wedding came largely as a surprise, and since then, the couple have not publicly commented on their whirlwind romance.

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