David Beckham Going Bald?

By on August 23, 2011

Soccer hunk David Beckham, 36, has sported many hairdos throughout his career, including a mohawk, buzzcut, and a ponytail. Now apparently Beckham is spotting an unfortunate new look, a bald spot.

As Beckham carried his six-week-old daughter Harper Seven with him into a restaurant in Los Angeles, and in fact last year at a Comic Relief sketch alongside comedian James Corden who was pretending to fuss over his hair during his stand-up act, Beckham commented, “I’m losing it a little bit there.”

Recently celebrity hair stylist Karine Jackson commented to the Daily Mail  that “certainly he has been thinning over the past ten years” but “we have seen photographs of him in the ocean recently and if he was going bald you would have noticed it before. Indeed, a particular bald patch is very rare in male pattern baldness so it could be a trick of the light. Alternatively, it could be a temporary loss caused by, for example, bruising from a football match.”

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