Jay-Z and Kanye West Feuding?

By on August 1, 2011

Word on the street is that Jay-Z and Kanye West’s have been arguing behind the scenes of their new album, “Watch the Throne.”

Sources say Jay-Z and West, who call themselves The Throne, are barely speaking to each other as they iron out the details of their upcoming tour, according to the NY Post.

It is being reported that West wants flashy concerts, which would cost more than $400,000 per show, while Jay-Z, who is said to be meticulous about costs, already has a larger, long-term advance from Live Nation that he has to pay back and is not interested in flashy.

Have their disagreements caused problems with the friendship? Last week the two were expected to perform together at the Highline Ballroom but it never happened.

“Jay-Z is fed up with West’s antics,” a source said. “He doesn’t even want to be around him.”

What do you think is there trouble in paradise?

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