Kelsey Grammer’s Wife Defends Him Against Accusations of Small Endowment

By on August 11, 2011

Kelsey Grammer, 56,  is known as a ladies man, but his ex-wife Camille Donatacci, 42, claims that in fact Grammer is disappointing below the belt, accusing the actor of having a small endowment. However, Grammer’s current wife Kayte, 30,  has defended her husband’s honor while taking a swipe at Donatacci for failing to turn him on.

In a promotional advertisement for season two of the reality series Donatacci stars on, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, she is seen describing Grammer as “big hands, big feet, big disappointment.”

When TMZ asked for clarification of her statement, Grammer’s ex-wife said “it was a lot like that. I had that for 13 years, unfortunately.”

Grammer’s current wife and former flight attendant Kayte rushed to her husband’s defense, saying “perhaps the fault lies not so much with the member in question but rather with the inspiration at hand.”

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