The Real Housewives of New York Reunion Part 2 Recap 8/1/11

By on August 1, 2011

After last week’s explosive reunion of The Real Housewives of New York can it get any crazier??

The ladies are giving Ramona a hard time for not appearing in LuAnne’s video.  Ramona decided not to be in the video because her daughter, Avery didn’t want her to be.

Jill professes to be a changed woman this season – but is she?  Andy Cohen shows how Jill really hasn’t changed.  Jill admits that it is impossible for anyone to change 100%.   Jill says she likes who she is and to “know her is to love her – or not”.

It’s hard to hear the ladies when they are all yelling over each other.

Jill updates us as to the status with Bethenny.  Jill said she has reached out to Bethenny and has communicated with her and she hopes their relationship improves.

Ramona’s need for Pinot Grigio is looked at by Andy and the ladies.  The audience thinks she has a drinking problem and LuAnne thinks she has a drinking problem also.  Ramona says it’s all about selling Ramona Pinot Grigio – 60,000 bottles in one month.  Ramona thinks as long as you aren’t drinking vodka and scotch then you aren’t an alcoholic.  Ramona said if she is a functioning alcoholic then she hopes she stays this way for 50 years because she is the happiest she has ever been.

Ramona asks Jill if she has ever been to an AA meeting.  Jill went with a friend.

Alex and LuAnn discuss the word class.  LuAnn thinks the word countess without the o- like Simon did –  is a much worse word to use but Alex disagrees.  Alex stands by her man – no matter what.

The great Morocco trip comes up – when Ramona spits out a bunch of statistics about how Morocco is a poor country in defense of her rude comments during the trip. Sonja explains that she isn’t racist and that she has had luggage go missing in the past and that’s why she checked on the man guarding her luggage.

Alex admits it’s part of her personality to take offense to remarks directed at her friends, and that the issue became about her and Luann as soon as LuAnn reacted to her. Alex says she went downstairs to ask LuAnn to lay off of Ramona. LuAnn says Alex looked like she was having a panic attack. Alex takes offense to LuAnn’s attacks behind her back over the course of the season. LuAnn says that anything she wanted to say to Alex she said to her face.

Alex brings up her stupid thug in a cocktail dress comment that she’s so satisfied with herself for coming up with and claims she’s selling thug in a cocktail dress t-shirts and will give LuAnn two. She then gets all red, as she often does. Alex claims Kelly was nearing a meltdown, but LuAnn claims Alex is the one who was going crazy in the scene. Kelly tells Alex she is not a good actress and calls her weird several times.

Ramona says that the fortune teller’s comment didn’t bother her at all, because she trusts Mario.

Ramona says she really did think she was pregnant and that she was scared yet excited about the possibility. Jill says it’s always about Ramona.

Andy asks Kelly about her “ice herself out” comment to Alex and she says that Alex iced herself out tonight with the other girls are a liability comment. As always the ladies are shouting over each other with Ramona yelling “Stop ganging up on Alex!” Then, all of a sudden we’re out of time and another season of ‘Real Housewives of New York City’ is in the books.

The rumor is that Cindy and Alex are out next season and will be re-cast. There’s also some buzz of Jill Zarin getting a spin-off show in London, as she’s been seen buying a London house with a film crew on her tail. Jill in London? Now that would be interesting.

Would Jill be successful in alienating a whole country? Or is it just New York?

What did you think of the ladies this evening??


  1. Beyoncca

    August 4, 2011 at 10:56 pm

    Ramona is gisgusting. She masks her mean comment with ” I’m just being honest”. If everyone was honest. If all the ladies were honest all the time no one would be friends. It would be a whole show about hurt feelings.
    I like when Andy Cohen read the comment from that viewer that addressed all the ladies, asking if any of them were jealous that Bethenny’s worth more then all of you combined? All the ladies said something nice with the exception of Ramona who didn’t say a word. I remember thinking, why didn’t Ramona say what she’s been saying to the media about how “Bethenny didn’t really make 120 million, she always exaggerates. I am in the wime business and there’s no way they would pay her in advance it doesn’t work like that”. That’s probably why she didn’t say anything on the reunion. Ramona’s so jealous of anyone that’s more accomplished i.e Cindy.
    Kudo’s to Cindy for being such a go getter!

  2. Robin

    August 3, 2011 at 4:29 pm

    I’d like to clarify that Ramona did not have the decency to do something as polite as ask Jill Zarin whether she had attended an AA meeting– it was a statement, intended to hurt. Regardless of whether there is any truth to what she was claiming Jill Zarin deserves a round of applause for doing the responsible thing and trying to get some help, either for herself or a friend in need.

  3. Theresa

    August 3, 2011 at 11:08 am

    Whew! what a reunion. Alex won with her commentary as she has finally
    come into her own on this show thanks to all the good teachers she
    had in how to talk nasty and take the offensive. Ramona won for being
    the nicest person; she has the best heart and does not have the inherent
    nasty nature of LuAnn. Cindy is so representative of a JAP for all its
    worst qualities; she cares nothing for anyone, but herself. Jill comes in
    second although she is not as obtuse as Cindy. Kelly needs to get her
    groove back; being nice just for the sake of it makes her boring and
    uninteresting. She is smart and I wish she would embrace that instead of
    being Jill’s lap dog. Truly, though, LuAnn is the worst of the bunch; she
    has a mean spirit and is sooo unbelievably condescending and almost
    of a cartoon-like quality. Her French is sad and her Italian is sadder, but
    don’t let her know so as to not burst that bubble she lives in. Wonder what she
    will do when Jacques leaves her high and dry. Wonder how much money
    he has taken from her and the Count? We will know soon enough, guaranteed!

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