The Big Bang Theory ‘The Infestation Hypothesis’ Recap 9/22/11

By on September 23, 2011

As a special treat to The Big Bang Theory fans, CBS aired a second episode of the hit show. As we begin tonight’s episode we see that Leonard is setting up for his dinner date through video chat with Priya in an effort to keep his long distance relationship alive. Sheldon walks into the living room and questions Leonard about this supposed dinner date citing that it is 8 a.m. in Mumbai. Leonard responds that Priya will be having breakfast then to which Sheldon states that it is technically not a dinner date. It should be called a “Dinfast” date. As Leonard lights the candles he has set up, Sheldon asks him whether they are soy-based because paraffin candles tend to contain carcinogens and he didn’t know if lung cancer was the ambiance he was going for at his “dinfast.” Stating that he never tries to butt into Leonard’s personal affairs, Sheldon advises him to take up a hobby instead of pursuing this intercontinental affair. As Priya calls in, Sheldon quips that he misses the old days when Leonard’s partners could be returned at the video store.

Seeking refuge, Sheldon decides to hang out in Penny’s apartment. He finds a comfortable spot in her new red chair as it gives him excellent lumbar and coccyx support. “This is a chair worthy of the name,” he says. Penny reveals that she couldn’t believe that someone just threw it away especially since it’s in such good condition. At hearing this news, Sheldon jumps up and starts taking off his clothes. His germaphobia kicks in as he tries to free himself of the bacteria that may be growing on him. He runs to Penny’s shower, but runs quickly back out in his tighty whities to his apartment screaming that there was a wet band aid on the shower floor.

While using the university’s new “hydrolic thermal-forming press” and cooking their panini sandwiches with it, Howard asks Leonard how his cyber sex life is going with Priya to which Raj replies, “Dude, this is my sister we’re talking about!” Leonard tells them that all they do is talk. In disbelief, Howard tells him he’s insane for not taking advantage of high speed internet calling it the greatest advancement in the field of sex since the invention of the washcloth. Telling him that he might lose Priya if he doesn’t amp things up, Leonard considers it. Sheldon enters the lab and asks Leonard to check his hair for “chair lice.” Fixated on this crazy idea, Leonard tells Sheldon to relax and names all the other times he’s been too preoccupied over the smallest thing such as the time he put GPS systems in his garbage because he believed they were being taken to Korea.

We next see Sheldon doing his usual knock three times on Penny’s door in an effort to plea with her to throw out the chair. Penny answers and he cites that it is a health hazard. She tells him she has had the chair cleaned and fumigated and that all is well. As Sheldon sits down on the chair, he begins to get covered by tiny bugs. It turns out this is a nightmare he just had to which he jumps up abruptly from his couch and runs across the hall. Leonard, startled by this, quips “It’s like living with a chihuahua.”

Knocking on Penny’s door several times, he pleads with her that she must get rid of the chair for her safety and that of all the residents. He wants to call the authorities to remove “the chair of death.” In one of her best lines of the night, she answers the door, “What’s the gist, physicist?.” Sheldon tries a different ploy and tells her that as a man having a keen sense of style that the chair does not work with the room. The last time he knocks and she answers attacking him with the chair’s cushion and he runs away screaming.

Leonard is in bed trying to talk dirty to Priya through video chat. Failing miserably, she decides to take control and tells him to take off his clothes. Right as she lifts her shirt, the bandwidth slows down and the screen freezes. Leonard yells, “Dammit” and Priya replies, “Aww Leonard, all ready?.” Leonard explains what just happened. Through the wall, Sheldon hears Leonard’s trouble and offers a solution to restart a certain feature and to let him know when they are done with their self-abuse as he is trying to stream a movie from Netflix.

Amy and Sheldon
We cut to Amy’s apartment as she plays a basso nova tune on her harp. On his last attempt to get the chair out of Penny’s apartment, he reaches out to Amy for her help. Sheldon is hoping that Penny will listen to Amy about the dangers of owning unhygienic furniture. Making fun of Sheldon, she asks him if Penny has acquired a bar stool dipped in cholera to which Sheldon replies that Amy is mocking him as cholera is a water-born disease. Not wanting to get in the middle of them and lose her bestie, Amy tells Sheldon that she does not need to participate just because he has a focus on cleanliness bordering on the psychotic. She eventually agrees to do it.

Offering a solution to Leonard’s long distance trouble, Howard shows him a new device that consists of two interfaces that simulate a human mouth. Each person of the couple has one device and when you move your lips and tongue on one it emulates exactly what you are doing on the other device. Internet kissing! Raj decides to try it with Howard causing some of the best laughs of the night.

Amy and the chair
At Penny’s apartment, Amy tries to change her mind about the chair. Realizing what’s going on, Penny’s appalled that Amy let Sheldon use her to manipulate her. Trying to smooth things over and not wanting to lose her bestie, Amy apologizes and sits in the chair giving it a chance. “Please let me continue to be a part of your world,” she says. She thinks there is nothing wrong with it until she gets bit by something inside the chair. When she gets up from it, they see something crawling underneath the covers and run out of the apartment screaming down the stairs to safety.

After Googling dirty talk, Leonard attempts to try once again with Priya unbeknownst to him that Priya’s parents are right next to her as they are off camera. Next, we see Raj and Howard walking up to the Leonard and Sheldon’s apartment building as they come across the red chair on the curb. Not believing that anyone would part with a chair in such good condition, the episode ends with them bringing it back upstairs to the apartment so that Raj can have a place to sit instead of the floor. The camera pans in to the crawling creature beneath the cloth cover.

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