Fans Often Disappointed by Ryan Gosling?!

By on September 10, 2011

Notebook heartthrob Ryan Gosling recently claimed that fans are often disappointed when they realize Gosling is not in fact fellow actor Ryan Reynolds.

In an interview with E!, Gosling says he’s often mistaken for eager fans of Reynolds and once he corrects them, “fans are often disappointed when I’m not Ryan Reynolds.”

Gosling joked that a typical conversation with a fan begins with asking, “oh can I get my picture with you? And you’re like sure, and they go, ‘I thought you were more muscle-y?’ No. Have you gotten like, more unattractive for a role? No. Just the role of my life.”

Rather than become depressed or diva-ish about the mix-up, Gosling has gotten used to it and approaches it with a sense of humor, explaining “something they’ll take a picture with me and then they’ll look at it and I’ll see their faces fall and they realize…that’s not Ryan Reynolds or Paul Bettany or whoever the hell they want their picture with.”

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