Gossip Girl Season 5 Premiere ‘Yes, Then Zero’ Recap 9/26/2011

By on September 26, 2011

The season premiere of Gossip Girl cordially invites you and the rest of New York City’s elite to the royal event of the year! Last season Blair and Prince Louis were engaged and ready to embark on their summer vacation in Monaco. This season the royal couple is back in New York City ready to make wedding plans but not without obstacles from Blair’s mother-in-law-to-be. From the flowers all the way to the dress, Louis mother is calling all the shots. This makes Blair doubt the Prince’s ability to be her knight in shinning armor.

We come back this year to find Miss van der Woodsen as the working girl on a movie set in California. Serena takes her job seriously hoping to escape her New York City’s elite “It” girl reputation. She takes it so seriously that her supervisor, Marshall, is jealous when Serena is given the chance to take his place for one day. He plays a prank on Serena that involves her getting pot for the film’s popular star, who is supposed to stay sober. Serena steps down from her position after Marshall makes her feel guilty for taking a job that she does not need because she’s filthy rich. However, the producer likes her work ethic and offers her a legit job in L.A.

Last season Chuck made the noble gesture to let Blair go in order for her to live the fairytale life she always wanted. Though Chuck’s heart was breaking he still manages to be his slutty self as he and best pal Nate spend the summer in California. His new philosophy of saying “yes” to all opportunities seems to be the cause for his happiness but it just might be his way of his hiding his real pain. Although he tries to be the old sage one by advising Nate and Serena learn to take care of themselves, Chuck is still in self-destruct mode. Seems like he needs to take his own advice.

Meanwhile, Nate is going through another life crisis. He gets mistaken for a movie star at a party and decides to play the part in order to “reinvent” who he is. He finds himself giving a private tour to a sexy older woman, played by Elizabeth Hurley. Nate is a lost puppy unable to figure out who he is, however, this mysterious older woman seems to know Nate better than he does.

Dorota is pregnant! Remember that positive pregnancy test that Dorota threw out at the end of the season in Blair’s room. Well turns out she is expecting her second baby. It still does not explain why Serena gave up drinking or why Blair refuses to drink.

The engagement not only left one person heartbroken. Dan spends his summer in the Hamptons to wash away what we all thought was going to be a promising relationship between him and Blair. However, a short story Dan wrote a few months ago is being published in Vanity Fair. Oh, and the story is about Blair. Dan asks Prince Louis to use his connections to kill the story’s publication. Prince Louis saves the day, but Blair takes his inability to escort her to an important royal even as a sign that he will never be able to put Blair first. She runs to Brooklyn where Dan is more than welcome to comfort her. She starts making plans to cancel the wedding; however, Dan explains why Louis was absent at the event and how Louis is in fact her true Prince.

The premiere ends with Dan still being heartbroken about Blair but 10,000x richer. Remember Dan’ manuscript Vanessa stole from him? Well, she sold it and the love story about Blair will soon be published for the whole Upper East Side to see.

In L.A., Serena runs into Charlie. Charlie is Serena’s cousin from last season, who is actually not her cousin but a con artist named Ivy. It looks like Gossip Girl is going bi-coastal!

Oh and about that positive pregnancy test Dorota claimed as hers, it turns out Dorota was covering for somebody. While Blair was getting ready to be photographed for Vogue Paris magazine in her wedding dress, a seamstress asks Blair how far along she was. Blair is preggers! I guess we might not only be invited to a royal wedding but a royal baby shower as well!

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