Private Practice Season 5 Premiere ‘God Laughs’ Recap 9/29/11

By on September 30, 2011

Last season on Private Practice we were left wondering if Pete would survive his heart attack.    The season premiere picked up where the show left off – Pete desperately tries to grab for the phone, but it remains just out of reach. When Sam is summoned to the hospital, we fear the worst as his unseen patient dies on the table. The good news is that it’s not Pete.

When Cooper finds out Violet left for New York, he heads over to cheer up Pete. There’s no answer at the door as Lucas cries from inside. Coop finds Pete unconscious on the floor and Lucas hiding under a table. They arrive at the hospital where Sam uses the paddles to start Pete’s heart. Cooper isn’t clear when this happens, so he receives a jolt – thankfully he’s fine.

Amelia isn’t letting the fact that her surgical privileges at St. Ambrose have been revoked get her down. She’s drinking and dancing when she falls and cuts open her hand. Amelia calls Sheldon for a ride and the lecture begins. Amelia kisses him, to keep him quiet.

Amelia gets a ride to the hospital but to avoid Charlotte she sutures her own hand. Amelia and Sheldon hear about Pete, who is also having neurological complications. Amelia wants to fix Pete’s brain while Sam works the heart. Time is of the essence – so Charlotte let’s her.

Violet’s flight is delayed and the battery on her cell phone is dead. She strikes up a conversation with Joanna, a woman who is having marital problems, her husband hit her. Violet pleads with Joanna to not take the plane ride home with her husband. The conversation ends abruptly when Violet finally gets the news about Pete and rushes to the hospital.

Sam does a quadruple bypass as Amelia fixes Pete’s brain bleed. Pete crash as Violet arrives. Thankfully, Pete pulls through and is loopy when he wakes up. Violet reminds him of how she left. Pete says, “I’m okay, you’re okay and Lucas is okay and that’s all that matters, right?” He also can’t stop telling Violet how beautiful she is.

Amelia’s riding high after saving Pete, but Charlotte is not reinstating her surgical privileges until she gets her sobriety in check.

Violet gets more good news when Joanna calls to let her know she didn’t get on the plane.

Addison and Sam are together again – but for how long? Naomi is gone, and so is the handsome pineapple guy Addison almost ran off with even though she never even knew his name. After taking care of Lucas while Violet disappeared and Pete was in surgery, Addison really wants a baby – even if Sam isn’t the father.

Addison makes an appointment with the top fertility specialist in town, who happens to be the pineapple guy. We now know the man’s name is Jake Reilly (Benjamin Bratt), Addison Montgomery’s brand new fertility doctor. He promises that he’s the man who is going to give her a baby.

What did you think of the premiere??

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