The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 2 Episode 3 Recap 9/19/11

By on September 19, 2011

After taking a nice hot tub in Beaver Creek, Colorado at Camille’s house, with Kyle following a long day of skiing, “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” continues getting real. Taylor drunkenly confides in a sleepy Kim about how she has grown up with nothing; Taylor also apologizes for the harsh words she said to her the previous season. But, will Taylor recover for the rest of the trip?

Despite being a dear friend, Taylor doesn’t feel that Adrienne can comprehend anything that she is going through in terms of her divorce. As dinner approaches, Taylor is found, hiding in a suitcase, pouting about how she wants to go home. Kyle sees Taylor starting to go crazy and calls Kim in to the bedroom. Adrienne overhears everything in the bathroom and questions the sanity. Kim immediately rushes to get Adrienne to console her, while Lisa stops Taylor on her way. The women say that they have to get to dinner but Lisa is more concerned for Taylor and her safety; suddenly she cares as she sees her crack. Camille has no idea what is going on with her guests, leaving her to guess and question while Taylor continues to crumble from all the alcohol she has consumed. Lisa can’t comprehend how they went from having a blast to being in the middle of a breakdown.

Camille feels like she is in the dark with the whole Taylor situation. All she remembers is Kyle and Taylor talking in the hot tub and she is praying that it is not another dinner party from hell at her house. Camille’s homes seem to be a dinner jinx. Taylor shouts out that she doesn’t eat and Adrienne notices that there is something suspicious in Taylor’s eyes and tells her that she’s having a nervous breakdown. Adrienne and Lisa try to console her because she’s loud one minute then crying the next. Taylor says that she suddenly felt such sadness while being in Camille’s son’s room; she suddenly felt what Camille went through with her divorce and what her kids went through and she doesn’t want that for daughter, Kennedy.

The dinner is super unappealing, especially for someone like Taylor who doesn’t eat. Back in Beverly Hills, Adrienne’s hubby, Paul gets some of the guys together like Kyle’s hubby, Mauricio and Lisa’s hubby, Ken. Mauricio comments that he is so jealous that his wife is skiing and he’s back at home but proposes that they do another fun thing. Russell was supposed to be out with the guys but was off somewhere else. They are trying to figure out what is going on with Russell and Taylor’s marriage and it is perplexing. Ken does admit that he is sorry for calling someone weak for going to therapy because he does like Taylor and didn’t mean to hurt her. Back in Colorado, the women are addressing Taylor’s failing marriage. Adrienne addresses that there are some issues in the Armstrong’s marriage but no one knows what the true story is. Taylor is very lost, afraid to leave and be on her own. Kyle reassures her that if she leaves the marriage, she isn’t a failure but Taylor keeps wailing that she is so in love with Russell. The ladies start joking about the dinner parties at Camille’s and someone asks if a medium circa season 1 will be showing up. Kim is attempting to bring the laughter to the table so that everyone can try to enjoy the rest of their trip.

The women are back in LA; Kim says that she felt all the women had fun minus Taylor who has no idea what she did or said on the trip. Adrienne calls the trip “emotionally draining” and hopes that Taylor will be okay. Adrienne comments to Kyle about how skinny Taylor has gotten and how she has never seen her that thin. Kyle says it was a combo of alcohol, altitude and stress from her marriage that caused Taylor to crack. At Camille’s Malibu house, she is chatting with her friend D.D. about how she knows that she should give the house up because it is way too big but she’s just not ready. She admits that she misses having a partner but she hates the way that the whole situation with ex, Kelsey went down. She felt that she was humiliated but believes that this may have been the way that it had to go to get to where she is today. She recalls how bad off Taylor was on the trip but talks about how Taylor has the advantage of therapy, something Camille was cheated (literally) out of. When Mauricio and Kyle go out to eat, she is nervous to recall the trip to Colorado because she doesn’t want him to get the impression that they are all crazy. She does brief him on what had happened with Taylor’s breakdown and how proud she was with Kim and the progress that she has made as a person. Mauricio is happy that the sisters are talking again but he is hurt by some words that Kim said about him and would like an apology.

Lisa and Ken meet up with their business partner to discuss an expansion of their restaurant Sur. The place next door has become available and Lisa has all these ideas to make Sur bigger and better. It’s a sexy place and the men aren’t too sure if they want to expand it, as beautiful as it is now. Lisa has amazing ideas and it would be up to her to convert little Sur to big Sur; Ken is leaving it all up to her because he’d rather be retired. Lisa will succumb to sex with her husband if that’s what it takes to get her expansion, aside from Christmas and birthdays. Adrienne talks about how she and her family have spent ten years trying to make a state of the art stadium for the Sacramento Kings. If they cannot do that, it may be the last game for the Kings in their area. Husband Paul is on the phone and finds out that the typical suite that Adrienne stays in isn’t that safe at the moment. Paul has to ease her in to the whole idea and breaks it down for her. Adrienne and the Maloofs are in danger; Paul suggests that they go to dinner with Kyle but Adrienne is adament about going to the last Kings game. He is scared she will be in harm’s way but she doesn’t care because she’s a hard headed little pistol. For a suite and a game, Paul does not feel that it is worth the risk but oh well.

Taylor is working with a life coach aside from therapy with her husband; she is looking for her voice. She tells her coach that she believes that she had a panic attack in Colorado blaming it on not eating and the heat of the hot tub along with the glass of wine. Taylor sees all these different marriages and divorces from all the women and felt that she was internalizing everyone else’s situations. She wishes that she hadn’t discussed her marriage with her friends because it just makes life a little more confusing. She wants to be a stronger person but it is a challenge. Back at Adrienne’s home, she is still reluctant to switch suites and to miss the last Kings game. Paul feels that she is being naive but she does not care; she has also invited Kim along since she hasn’t spent much bonding time with her. Adrienne tells Paul to stay out of her business like she does with his. It seems like there is no mutual respect in the relationship when it comes to business matters and that is sad.

Kyle takes her daughter, Portia out to clean up after the dogs and Portia enjoys using the pooper scooper, which could come in handy the older she gets. When Adrienne and Paul arrive at the airport, they see that Kim is not there and they are on a bit of a tight schedule. When they call her, she has no idea who they are but then she realizes and starts to mumble about nothing and keeps apologizing about being late. She says she is rushing and will be there shortly and Adrienne reassures her that they will wait for her. Adrienne deciphers the phone call by saying that Kim had been sick for a while and that the power had been off so she was stressed. Paul believes that Kim is intoxicated and though they have a private jet that will wait for them, the fans of the game will not.

Next week, we meet Brandi Glanville, Eddie Cibrian’s ex-wife at a charity cocktail party while Taylor discovers that her marriage is in the news and Adrienne is greeted with hate at the Kings game. I’m ready to meet these new women and see the twists and turns this season will continue to take…and to see if Kim makes the flight!

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