Saturday Night Live Season 37 Premiere with Host Alec Baldwin 9/24/11 Videos Here

By on September 25, 2011

Alec Baldwin returned to host the season premiere of Saturday Night Live last night for a record 16th time, surpassing Steve Martin who stopped by, along with Seth Rogen, to make sure that he was in fact doing it honestly (“Alec Baldwin Monologue”).

Some other stand-out moments include a Bill Hader as Shepard Smith hosted “GOP Debate Cold Opening,” a 41-years in the making “All My Children Wrap Party,” an ad for “Red Flag” perfume, and an episode of everyone’s favorite game show, “Who’s On Top.”

Alec Baldwin Monologue
Alec Baldwin is excited to host Saturday Night Live for a record 16th time, but Steve Martin wants to make sure Alec’s doing it honestly.

GOP Debate Cold Opening
It’s yet another 2011 GOP Debate, featuring Mitt Romney and Rick Perry along with a bunch of other people

Red Flag
She’s exquisite. She’s the most stunning woman in the room. She’s lived in Vegas for 11 years. Red flag.

Satellite Delay
A news team is having a difficult time getting a report from Costa Rica because of a satellite delay.

All My Children Wrap Party
After 41 years, the cast and crew of “All My Children” shut down the soap opera the only way it knows how.

Who’s On Top
It’s the game show where they show two men, and contestants have to guess who would be on top if the two had sex

Dying Wish
Wounded soliders have some very serious dying wishes.

Weekend Update Favorites 9/24/11
Catch up on all the headlines with Weekend Update anchor Seth Meyers.

Weekend Update: Tony Bennett
Legendary performer Tony Bennett fills Seth in on what’s playing in the theaters.

Child Psychologist
A child psychologist has a woman over for a dinner date and practices what he preaches while his daughter yearns for attention.

Top Gun 25th Anniversary DVD
Watch screen tests of some of your favorite actors as a bonus feature on the DVD celebrating the 25th anniversary of “Top Gun.”

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