Dancing With the Stars 2011 (DWTS) Season 13, Week 3 Recap 10/3/11 – Live

By on October 3, 2011

It’s already week 3!  Wow, this season is going by quick. Tonight the stars are dancing from the heart, choosing songs that represent the most memorable year in the stars’ lives. The stars are sharing their personal stories before dancing.

Rob Kardashian’s year was the year his dad passed, his mother Kris Jenner had a tear in her eye when the camera panned to her.

Chyna was up next and said 1990 was a life changing year for her, the year ‘Hold On’ was released. They got the first 9 of the season!

Chaz chose this year, as he said it’s the best he’s ever felt he chose a song written and sang by his father, Sony Bono.

Kristin chose 2005 when she chose her career in entertainment.

Carson chose 2003 when Queer Eye for the Straight Guy came out, he said the show was the blessing that allowed him to feel comfortable and proud of who he was.

J.R’s year was the year he got injured in Iraq, he told an extremely emotional story regarding this time. He’s dancing for all the soldiers who weren’t able to make it home. He got a standing ovation for what seemed like 5 minutes. There was not a dry eye in the house, it was a dance and experience that will live on in DWTS history.

Nancy Grace chose to dance to “Moon River” a song that held relevance as it was the first lullaby she sang to her children and she walked down the aisle to it. She had a near death experience in the hospital we learned about.

Ricki said last year was her most memorable year as she got divorced and her house burnt down but she also met her new husband and feels love has brought her back to life. Ricki and Derek got best score of the season so far 27/30.

Hope Solo chose this year because of her journey to the World Cup.

Lastly David Arquette said this last year was the most memorable of his life because of his failed marriage. He said it’s made him take a good look at himself so he can be there for his daughter.

This night’s dances were very emotional for the stars and it showed in vast improvements for all of them! Unfortunately it’s not looking that good for Chaz- if it was based on judges scores he would get the boot. Everyone showed high scores except him. Remember to vote for your favorites tonight and come back tomorrow night for a recap of the results show!

Song: Fly Me to the Moon
Dance: Fox Trot
Judges Comments: Len said you just put the Dash into Kardashian, he said I hope your dad is looking down saying “Rob you did good”. Bruno said that’s the way to play it, there was a beautiful story line going on. Carrie Ann said she loved watching him dance, she said he is genuinely making progress every week.
Score: 24/30
Song: Hold On
Dance: Rumba
Judges Comments: Bruno said you are a smoldering siren. He said she belongs in a museum to admire. Carrie Ann said we asked for more and you gave us more. She said she was so connected to the music. Len said dancing like that you will be here for weeks and weeks. You have taken this whole competition to another level.
Score: 26/30
Song: Laugh At Me
Dance: Rumba
Judges Comments: Carrie Ann said every time Chaz comes out she is touched by his courage. She said tonight was not his best performance and he seemed distracted and not focused into the dance. Carrie Ann felt he didn’t dance enough. Len said that was his best dance he’s seen him do and dancing doesn’t come easy. Even though he gets negative comments Chaz still comes back every night and gives it his all and that shows a lot. Bruno said there is an endearing quality about him and the Rumba requires constant motion and it’s a difficult dance but he thinks he’s gone very far and done very well.
Score: 18/30
Song: Crazy in Love
Dance: Samba
Judges Comments: Len said the Beyonce stuff isn’t his cup of tea but the other 80% was fabulous. Bruno called her a fast moving devil woman, he said it was yes yes yes for him. Carrie Ann said Beyonce has some big shoes to fill and she did it it very well!
Score: 24/30
Song: Its My Life
Dance: Tango
Judges Comments: Bruno said that was insanely brilliant! Carrie Ann said Carson I love you. She said you brought us drama, entertainment, enthusiasm and technique. It was very nice. Len said you put the boy in flam-boy-ant. You attacked the dance. Len said he enjoyed it very much.
Score: 23/30
Song: Rumba
Dance: If You’re Reading This
Judges Comments: It was hard for Carrie to talk as she was so choked up. Carrie Ann said heroes are normal people who do extraordinary things, she said tonight he did something extraordinary. She thanked him and said it was one of the most honest, profound dances she’s seen. Len said he danced to a standard that was totally unexpected. Len said it could have been a little more musical through the arms but it was a wonderful performance and he loved it. Bruno said he really is a hero and a source of inspiration for us all. He said in the Rumba he stretched the foot and extended the leg through the foot. Great, great achievement.
Score: 26/30
Song: Moon River
Dance: Waltz
Judges Comments: Len said Nancy has to try to have a little bit of better posture and she showed the emotion of the dance. Bruno said she has to carry her arms through. Carrie Ann said it felt like a live action lullaby and her love for her daughter and son showed.
Score: 21/30
Song: Gravity
Dance: Rumba
Judges Comments: Bruno said every step was as expressive as it is in a poem. He said that was the actress/dancer at her best. Carrie Ann said Ricki Lake is on fire! She said honey you are looking fierce. Len said Derek congratulations on the routine and Ricki congratulations on dancing it so well.
Score: 27/30
Song: Tonight
Dance: Cha Cha Cha
Judges Comments: Carrie Ann said you are a really strong dancer and it was really sexy and hot but she wants her to work on her walk because she has so much potential. She said she needs a little more femininity. Len said it was a bit provocative but the actual Cha Cha Cha was very good. He said it was the best dance for her so far. Bruno said the sexy mince is out of the cage, he said she was going for him like a panther. He said it’s all there my darling.
Score: 24/30
Song: Oooh  Child
Dance: Rumba
Judges Comments: Len said it was a mix of motion and emotion. Well done, he said, you did a great job. Bruno said you brought sensitivity and vulnerability, he said it was wonderful. Carrie Ann said very nice comeback. You came back and brought so much more of you. It was magical.
Score: 24/30
High Score went to Ricki Lake 27/30
Lowest Score went to Chaz Bono 18/30

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