Project Runway Recap 10-6-11: For the Birds

By on October 7, 2011

This week’s Project Runway challenge called for the remaining designers to take a walk on the wild side; they were divided into three teams of two, with each duo assigned a different tropical bird to serve as inspiration for two looks per contestant. The catch? Rather than collaborating, the team members were to compete head to head.

At stake were an editorial in Marie Claire and $20,000.
With the final challenge looming, tension in the workroom was high. Kimberly had an emotional day, sewing through her finger and revealing that she lost her mom at seventeen. Bert, who was teamed up with Joshua, had qualms with the colors of his bird, the Joshua became a bit irate after Anya refused to lend him some fabric, even after she had received assistance for the previous challenge. 
 This week’s runway show was one of the best we’ve seen in a while. The guest judge was Calvin Klein’s Francisco Costa, one of the most respected names in fashion today.

The Michael Kors quote of the week was his description of the accessory on Victor’s beautifully draped dress; he called it a “drunk in the Carribean” corsage.

Anya, whose team member was Laura and was assigned the raven, was the clear winner for the second week in a row. Her structured, gothic influenced dress was unique and deviated from her usual aesthetic. Despite taking the challenge too literally with clichéd tight skinny pants and a jacket with feathers around the collar, Laura stayed. Bert, who admittedly hated his dress as much as he did the challenge, created a clichéd gown with a fitted bodice. Although the pop of color underneath a dull grey layer kept it from being completely unfortunate, he was eliminated this week.

Will Anya continue her winning streak? Find out next week!

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