The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Melissa Gorga Was a Stripper?

By on October 1, 2011

Ever since Jacqueline Laurita of The Real Housewives of New Jersey walked out of a fashion show and has been rumored to “quit” the reality television show, rumors have been flying as to what happened?

It seems Laurita got very upset when there her co-star on housewives, Melissa Gorga was set up to look like a former stripper.  Was she a stripper – Gorga says no.

There are two versions of the story:

Version 1 according to the Huffington Post:

“Bravo’s surprise at the fashion show was for Melissa: her ex-boss at Lookers, the strip club she used to work at. No one knew him, no one knew he was coming — although, of course Bravo had a microphone on him — and Melissa ran away from him and refused to film with him,” a witness at the taping tells me. “The producers made Teresa talk to him to ‘hear him out,’ so his accusations would be aired on camera, but Teresa stopped him mid-story and told him to not talk about her family and left.”

Version 2 according to Rumor Fix:

“Teresa Giudice and Kim D invited a male stripper to attend and the plan was for him to confront Melissa and announce to everyone that Melissa had been a stripper in the past.
Teresa confronted Melissa in the ladies room pretending to be concerned and telling Melissa that she was worried about her because this man was telling everyone that he was a witness to Melissa’s stripping days. Melissa immediately saw right through Teresa’s game and an argument ensued then escalated when Teresa told Melissa that Danielle Staub was on her way to the Posche show to confront Melissa, this was another lie that Teresa made up to try to rattle Melissa. Melissa decided to call her husband.”

It is also said that Melissa went straight to Jacqueline and Caroline Manzo to reveal what Teresa had done causing Jaqueline to leave the fashion show and give Teresa a tongue lashing on twitter.

Bravo has denied any part of the “scheme”.  Who do you think is responsible for the incident??  And do you think Gorga was a stripper?

UPDATE From Melissa Gorga:

Melissa took to her blog to explain the situation:

“We are filming season 4 so there is not too much I can confirm, but there is one thing that I would like to clarify …the accusation that I was once a dancer at a strip club,” Gorga writes. “This is 100% NOT TRUE. I did bartend fro a few weeks at a bikini bar while I was in college. My outfit was a tank top, shorts and sneakers. SORRY, no bubbies there.”

“The reason I am so adamant about clearing this up is because people are making false accusations solely to hurt me and my family,” she continues. “Someone desperately wants to knock me down and prove that I have something to hide, but then tries to cover it up by putting the blame on production.”

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