The Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion Pt. 2-Live

By on October 23, 2011

Last week we watched what amounted to a Teresa witch hunt headed by Caroline, Melissa, Kathy, and the questions posed by Bravo viewers.  Will tonight’s part 2 of the reunion prove differently?  From the commercials it looks like we’ll have some questions answered by Caroline about her relationship with her sister (and ex Jersey Housewife) Dina.  What is with these women and their family issues?

We begin tonight’s reunion with “something fun”, Andy asking Melissa about her and Joe’s sex life.  But of course it immediately needs to become a competition when he asks Teresa who he thinks has more sex, she and Joe or Melissa and Joe (Gorga).  We see a collection of clips of the Housewives and their men.  Melissa says that she’s not worried that Joe likes dressing up in women’s clothes.  Melissa addresses rumors that she has “swam in the lady-pond” and that she and Joe have an open relationship, she says that both things are not true.  Teresa says that the rumors that are being spread about her husband (infidelity, secret love children) aren’t true either.

The next collection of clips that we see are of Caroline and her family, as well as Caroline’s new job on her radio show.  When asked about the situation with Kim G. at Melissa and Joe’s Christmas party she says that Christopher’s relationship with Kim’s son is still good.  Caroline explains that her son Albie is very serious because he sees his role in her life as a provider.  When accused of being a meddler, Caroline recognizes that her “delivery is tough”.  Teresa says that even though she never really asked her for advice, she was willing to hear it until it came to her family issues.  When asked if she’s being hypocritical in trying to help Melissa and Teresa because she has issues with her own sister, she says no.  She says that she doesn’t know what happened between them, but she was lead to believe a lot of things that were not true.  When asked who did this….we go to commercial.

Caroline says, while looking straight at Teresa, that Dina has a good friend who likes to tell her untrue things about Jacqueline and Caroline.  Caroline says that she has emails and text messages that prove what she’s saying is true, and Teresa tells her to “bring it”.  Melissa asks what is wrong with Teresa.  Caroline says that Dina is no longer talking to her.  Melissa accuses Teresa of not speaking to Dina until 6 months ago and she’s lying by saying that they’ve been good friends for so long.  Apparently Dina claims that Caroline doesn’t support her and she feels like the fame has gotten to Teresa.  Caroline says that she chooses to be a mother to her children instead of in the tabloids.  Teresa shouts “what happened to you?” at Caroline and says that she understands why Dina can’t stand to be around her.  Teresa tells her to practice what she preaches.  Caroline is hurt that Dina isn’t talking to her, her children, Jacqueline, or her husband Chris.

Even though Jacqueline isn’t in attendance, we see an array of clips portraying Jacqueline’s relationship with her daughter Ashley.  Andy asks Caroline how her brother felt when Ashley said that money can’t buy a relationship.  Caroline says that she knows that Ashley regretted it when she saw it in the episode.  Caroline says that she thinks that Jacqueline doesn’t stand her ground with Ashley because she feels guilty.  Caroline doesn’t think that Ashley seeing herself on TV has changed her, but she has a good heart.

The next Housewife to get the clip treatment is Kathy.  Kathy thinks that Victoria surviving her brain tumor has helped her mature a lot quicker.  Teresa says that she has a positive attitude because of Victoria; Andy points out that he thinks that Teresa does get derailed by small, petty things.  Kathy admits that she does sometimes get embarrassed by things that Richie makes jokes about.  Kathy points out that Joe Giudice used to joke around with Richie at Teresa’s expense, which is why Teresa doesn’t appreciate his jokes.

We take a look at the issues between Kathy and Teresa, issues that seem to escalate when the word “unattended” is thrown around.  Kathy maintains that she was not attacking Teresa when she brought up Audriana being unattended at the christening.  Caroline points out that Kathy is a good cousin to Teresa because she took her daughter out of danger.  Kathy tells Teresa that she needs to be more secure in knowing that she’s a great mother instead of being so defensive.  All the women vehemently tell Teresa that they aren’t attacking her, while, you know, screaming at her from all sides.

Kathy insists that she was not trying to hurt Teresa by inviting Melissa and Joe to her house for Christmas Eve.  The women try to explain to Teresa that it was because she and Joe were having issues, not because anyone wants to pull them apart.  Caroline screams at Teresa that she took the hour that she and Joe did spend together and ruined it by focusing on the time they were not together.  Andy tells Teresa that it seems like she has such a firm stance on her point of view that she can’t hear what other people say when they try and clear things up for her.  Melissa asks during the screaming match between the women, to no one in particular, if anyone else realizes that it’s okay to be wrong sometimes (and to think, we all started the season thinking she was the one who stirred up all the drama).

Melissa feels like Teresa tries to blame everything that is wrong with the Gorga family on her.  She asks Teresa what she would gain by her family being broken up.  When asked if she’s a copycat of Teresa, Melissa says that she doesn’t think so but points out that Teresa did buy a dress that Melissa had.  Teresa says that she understands that Melissa comes first for Joe.  Melissa feels like her relationship with Joe was riding on she and Joe doing everything based on what Teresa wanted.  Teresa feels like Melissa started copying the way that their family does things after she married Joe.  Melissa tells Teresa to look her in the eyes because she’s “turning evil”.

When Teresa is asked if she has any regrets about things she said about Melissa, she says that while she watched the show she was in awe of things Melissa said about her.  Andy explains the question to her and is at a loss for words.  She asks Melissa what she thinks she should regret, and Melissa says that she should regret calling her a gold digger.  After Teresa says it’s not that one, Melissa whips out a list of things that Teresa said about her.  Teresa says that she regrets saying that Melissa puts poison into Joe’s head.  Melissa feels like the worst thing that she said was that she and Joe pay their bills.

The next business on the agenda is the feud between the Joes.  Melissa insists that it started before she was in the picture, but Teresa says that it started when the women started having issues.  Andy brings up that Teresa has had to apologize before for her husband using gay slurs and that we saw him all season calling Joe Gorga “the f-word”.  Andy tries to explain to Teresa that she has to know by now that it is not okay to say that.  Teresa insists that she’s not condoning the use of that word.  Caroline says that she doesn’t think that Joe Giudice means any malice towards the gay community.  Andy continues to try to impress upon Teresa how important it is for her to convince Joe to not use that word.

Andy asks Teresa if she hold Melissa and Joe to a higher standard than the standard that she holds her husband to.  Teresa excuses away the threats that her husband made towards Joe Gorga.  Teresa says that she was hurt to see how upset her daughter Gia was when she sang her song about her mom and her uncle’s relationship.  Melissa thinks that it’s too much for Gia to say that she sees Melissa controlling Joe; Caroline and Melissa think that Teresa exposes Gia to too much of her drama.  Teresa thought that Gia’s song was going to help Joe see that they have to fix their relationship, something that Caroline says was Teresa’s way of using her daughter.

Andy wraps up the show by asking each woman what family means to them.  When it comes to Caroline’s turn she starts choking up thinking about her relationship with Dina, she says that she will not hate her back and she’s sorry to her parents.  She tears up as she says that family is the person you can call no matter what when you need help.  Caroline insists that she’s not crying about her relationship with Teresa, that they never had friendship, only acquaintance.

Since this reunion was filmed while they were filming season 4, we’ll be able to see exactly what went down that lead to Jacqueline choosing not to attend.  Personally, I cannot wait till next season when maybe some of the issues that were discussed at the reunion will become less cryptic.  And who knows who the villain will be next season, it could be anyone of them.

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