Robert Pattinson Wants Role in Movie Adaptation of “American Idiot?”

By on October 12, 2011

Robert Pattinson is an in-demand actor because of the blockbuster succcess of the teen-oriented movie series Twilight, and now apparently he may further broaden his horizons with a lead role in a feature film adaption of Green Day’s American Idiot.

Celebrity Gossip reports that punk bad Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong hopes the British actor will audition for the gig. He believes his blockbuster pull will make the movie adaption a success.

In addition, Armstrong believes Pattinson’s passion for music makes him the best fit for the role, though nothing has been made official yet.

American Idiot is described as a “story that centers on three disaffected young men, Johnny, Will, and Tunny. Johnny and Tunny flee stifling suburbia and their parents’ restrictions. The pair look for meaning in life and try out the freedom and excitement of the city.”

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