Up All Night “New Car” October 5, 2011

By on October 5, 2011

Up All Night is slowly but surely getting it’s footing. With each episode getting tighter and the chemistry between Reagan and Chris growing stronger it’s good news to announce it has been renewed for a second season! Moving on to tonight’s episode, “New Car”; Reagan, Chris and Amy are off to the beach, and with Chris’ car in the shop they must take Reagan’s adorable convertible. The prototype nosy neighbors heckle them from the sidewalk, pointing out the car is not suitable for the beach nor a child, and snickering “Good luck!” through painfully fake smiles. The couple dismisses them but then reluctantly agree, when they hop in the car with it packed to the rafters and realize Amy is left sitting on the steps, with no room for her in sight.

They quickly realize they need to trade in their old cars for something more family friendly and practical, which clearly sticks to the theme of the show; out with the fun, Billy Idol blasting party ride and in with the SUV filled with airbags and car seats. They begin looking for cars, and to make the search more fun they fill their coffee mugs with wine. Four bottles of wine later, Reagan may or may not have placed a bid on an A-Team look alike van. Yea, she definitely did. The next morning a man named Peter Littlebear hands over the keys to their newly won van.

Reagan and Chris scramble to trade in the car. At the dealership they are greeted by a salesman and shuffled into a showroom chocked full of family friendly, 4 door, beige cars. Realizing the clients he is dealing with, the salesman quickly corrects them, saying the color is actually champagne. In that case they will take it for a test drive! On their test drive they run into their insufferable neighbors- in an identical car. This immediately rules the car out, as do the windows that only roll down 2 inches. To protect the children, you see.

After the test drive, Missy calls Reagan. Ava, who has recently been featured in an embarrassing article titled “The 10 Top Drop Outs”, is desperately trying to give her show more gravitas. To make it more, you know, gravita-y. She decides to invite the author of “The Default Collapse of the American Economy” onto her show. But first she needs to read the book. She sets the mood; lights candles, puts on a silk robe, makes some tea, and tries to seduce the book. She opens it, ahhh, and slams it shut. Rejected. The mood has been killed with the mere mention of the economy. So when Missy calls to say her and Ava are in Vegas and are at a foam party at two in the afternoon, Reagan knows she bailed. Even a text from Ava with a puppy eyed apology face can’t save the day.

Later that night Ava comes over worried she is going to be made a fool of and completely blank, which she inevitably will. Chris, a former lawyer, knows all too well about all-nighters, and offers to give Ava a crash course in economics. His adorable geeky side comes out, but when he starts assigning deregulation to the salt shaker and mortgages to the pepper and what were the marbles representing again?, you know he is just as flabbergasted as she. They go out for another pizza run and call it a night.

The next day on set the tensions are high. Ava is donning thick black glasses, the international sign for intelligence, thoughtfulness, or that you’re from Brooklyn. After a long winded question from the guest, Ava hesitates; Reagan holds her breath, and cringes for the future. Ava pulls the correct answer from the air, but everyone is impressed with her seemingly effortless intelligence. It must have been the glasses. When she comes back stage, Reagan congratulates her, but Ava said this isn’t the turn the show should be making. She is going to lighten up the mood…I thought she was going to break into a song, hopefully “Basically”. Instead, she turns the conversation into bullying, and with surprisingly little prodding, the author admits he was sexually harassed by his high school football team. Not exactly hysterical sitcom content, but on the Ava show, it was talk show gold.

Outside the studio, Chris surprises Reagan with a black SUV, with tinted windows and a sunset racing stripe. He has packed up the car, put Amy’s baby cowgirl boots on, and is sweeping them off to the beach. Every episode he ups the ante on unrealistic gestures, and if he doesn’t get some real flaws soon, this show is going to go right over into 30 Rock absurd territory. However, seeing a husband and wife who are genuinely crazy about each other is a refreshing thing to see on network television, and luckily we get to see a lot more of them.

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