Angelina Jolie Furious About Brad Pitt Flirting With Jennifer Aniston Look-Alike?

By on November 13, 2011

While shooting his new movie World War Z, apparently Brad Pitt has been flirting with a Jennifer Aniston look-alike named Katia Bakor, and Angelina Jolie is absolutely furious about it!

The National Enquirer reports that when Jolie discovered Pitt was spending lots of time with blonde Bakor, she hit the roof, especially because Bakor has “the same girl next door looks as Brad’s ex, Jennifer Aniston. When Angelina found out Katia was going to be sharing scenes with Brad, she hit the roof. She warned him to steer clear of Katia or she’d come down to the set and see to it herself.”

This isn’t the first time Jolie has become jealous of Pitt’s co-stars, with rumors earlier this year of Pitt flirting with a production assistant driving Jolie up the wall.

The source continued that Jolie is “very insecure” and “right now she’s convinced that Katia could be the vixen who will steal Brad away from her.”

What do you think – is it possible Angelina is really jealous?

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