Matt Damon Launches Eco-Friendly Water Bottles

By on November 1, 2011


Good Will Hunting actor Matt Damon is known as much for his liberal politics as his award-winning acting, and he has now launched his own eco-friendly water bottles to encourage fans to go green and become more environmentally aware.

Contact Music reports that Damon in 2009 founded his own non-profit company In a new campaign to raise environmental awareness, Damon poses with a re-usable water container and urges people to invest in the bottle to boost funds for his charity which aims to provide millions of third world citizens with clean water.

Damon said,

“I think what resonates with me most is where you see people living without clean water and they’re forced to scavenge for water and use up all of their time just doing that.”  He continued, “you realize that they’re in such a crippling cycle of poverty; it’s just a death spin that they can’t possibly get out of.”

Will you be buying one of Damon’s water bottles??

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